Sorry, Ms Fishy

I commiserate with our Scottish friends on the Chariot about the Calcutta Cup result, Scotland were not that bad but England were awesome. While, I have every sympathy with most Scots I can only say, ” How do you like that you ‘orrible ‘arridan of a Wee Poisonous Scottish Witch? Have you seen the price of oil recently? Please forget any thought of a second referendum”.

Mrs FEEG, who is half Scottish, is bigging up her English half today!  🙂

7 thoughts on “Sorry, Ms Fishy”

  1. It was also a Michael Fish event! many of the clever dick experts had persuaded themselves that the Scots had more than a chance,. They didn’t have a hope in Holyrood.

  2. It’s not just the rugby, FEEG. Andy lost as well. And let’s hope Sturgeon loses more seats in the next Scottish elections too. She is so stupid to continue visiting or sending emissaries to EU member states when it has been made plain to her time and again that Scotland cannot remain in the EU on its own.

  3. Sheona: More and more Scots are having enough of the Caviar Queen’s tunnel-vision. It’s almost amusing to watch her sputter and stumble as Davidson holds her to account. She isn’t used to have an effective opposition leader!

  4. Good evening, FEEG.

    You have to understand that the ” ‘orrible ‘arridan….” (whom, I assume is the Blessed Nicola?) has absolutely no interest in Rugby, particularly when it’s of the Union variety. To her, the game is played by middle-class plastic Jocks who do not buy into her grievance machine and who tend to support the continuation of the UKoGB&NI. You should see the social media froths of rage from some of her knuckle-dragging cybernats about the Quisling Murrayfield crowd belting out ‘Flower of Scotland’ since we clearly don’t mean it.

    Anyhow, England were bloody good and we were not.

    There’s always next year when we will again have the chance to remember that any contest and conflict between the Four Nations of our country should take place only on the sporting field and absolutely nowhere else.

  5. Mr Mackie,

    I quite agree with everything you say. Her “Plastic Jocks” are, in fact, the sort of guys (and gals) who made Scotland great in the first place. It has always amazed me why the Scots adopted that awful dirge “Flower of Scotland” for a national anthem when there are so many really stirring Scottish tunes that would serve so much better.

    As you say, there is always next year 🙂

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