Oh, Gawd!!

I see that Gordon Brown has announced that everyone in the U of K will get their own personal web site that can use to do all their interaction with Government agencies, if only we have the goodness to re-elect him (correction, elect him).

Given this (or any other) government’s previous record in setting up IT systems, I cannot help but think that if anyone was stupid enough to try and set this up, it would be a total disaster.

This is leaving aside, of course, what about the security aspect? Does anyone really believe that anyone using such a system will not be the victim of clandestine monitoring, with spyware downloaded whenever you access the government sites?  I can imagine a government led by Gordon Brown or any of his cronies monitoring every time a user of the system then logs onto a Conservative website. They will get an instant increase in their tax rate, or maybe an instant on-line fine. And as for the likes of Horrible Harriet Harperson and her Harpies monitoring a chap’s every visit to a naughty website, the mind boggles!

Still, not to worry! Any attempt to set such a system up will never work, the only problem being that it would cost a mind-numbing sum of money to find this out!

Play with the lovely Christine

The lovely Christine Bleakley, co-presenter of the BBC’s One Show, is going to attempt to water-ski across the English Channel next month as part of a Sport Relief sponsored challenge. I wish her good luck, but so far, her progress looks less than promising, made worse by the fact she could not practice for three weeks because the lake she practised on was frozen.

There is an addictive water skiing game that has appeared on the site, so I  thought you might like to have a go at it. I have so far made the grade to “Rubbish”!

Another “You couldn’t make it up….” story


The Merseyside Police have been banging on about their right-on technical abilities, when they caught a car-thief using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveillance drone.

The only problems is, they forgot to get a Permit to Fly for it from the Civil Aviation Authority. Now,   I know that the UK is plagued by petty regulations thanks to our proto-fascist government, but I would have thought that with something like this, it might be a good idea to get some approval first.  They,  and some other Polices Forces have had to ground their UAVs in the meantime. You couldn’t make it up!