My Alter Ego

This is about John Dalton, my alter ego. The London Science museum is celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth, as described here .

As you can see from the text, he was Four-eyed, he was English, and he was, most definitely, a genius.

6 thoughts on “My Alter Ego”

  1. J: Feegism is just the genius bit :-). Actually,I did get a chemistry degree so he did rather see me on my way.

  2. Thanks for the link, FEEG, although the first couple of lines of the advertisement for the school reminded me too much of Dotheboys Hall. “Youth are boarded …”

  3. I just read he suffered from red-green colour blindness. Just as well there weren’t traffic lights about in his time. Yes, an interesting piece on a guy from a humble background.

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