Phony Tony is at it again

Tony Blair is bleating on about how Brexiteers did not know what they were voting for in the referendum and should reconsider their vote. Apart from the fact that most Brexiteers knew exactly what they were voting for, in spite of Project Fear and all the other dark propaganda, it is too late now.

What a horrible man he is and no wonder he made sure the death penalty was no longer available for treason. Does he not realise that he has become one the most hated people in the UK and that anything he supports is likely to lose support amongst normal human beings?

6 thoughts on “Phony Tony is at it again”

  1. I, for one, wish Tone Bliar many returns. I hope that he never scales back, tones down or withdraws from his active speaking engagements. In fact, it would be more delightful yet if he doubled-down on his anti-Brexit crusade. After all, what better way is there to get a large majority of the Great British public united than disagreement with the former Labour PM?

  2. Tony, despite your gargantuan efforts at being a middle eastern “peace envoy” having been only been exceeded by your ability to locate of weapons of mass destruction and your legendary psychic ability to know that were all deployable in forty five minutes without even having to know what they were, one feels you need to be given an answer to your very simple question.

    Who’s in charge of the bus Mr Blair? Well, this time, it’s a native kind of bush, it’s called May.

  3. I’m glad that the Murdock meeja give him a bad press whenever they get the chance. Serves him right for pinching Rupert’s squeeze.

    Let’s give him credit for all his great works of destruction:
    – the 2nd Gulf War and the continuing mess in the region
    – the promotion of diesel fuelled cars as the cleaner option
    – the dumbing down of British education and the invention of universities for all
    to name but a few.

    Thank you, FEEG, for not posting his face here.

  4. I see Boris has advised everyone to turn off the TV when Blair appears – an excellent idea.

    I’m with Janus here – a picture of the man on this site would definitely breach all the rules of ‘good behaviour’.

  5. Don’t worry. J and Boa. I would not dream of polluting these august pages with a photographic representation of the chief architect of the New Labour Terror. Besides, the only photo I have of his smug face is riddled with holes from darts and airgun pellets! 🙂

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