Our patriotic media

Today is Victory in Europe or VE Day.

Have our Glorious Peoples’ Patriotic media mentioned it? Not a chance in any form I have seen.  Still, with any luck there will be another VE Day to celebrate on June 23rd

8 thoughts on “Our patriotic media”

  1. I haven’t seen a mention in the UK, Australia or US media, either.They will probably have more 23 June, but there should have been more mention of this. It isn’t exactly a trivial historical event.

  2. Janus: in Greece, Italy and France the Second World War is brought up whenever Germans are unpopular. Spaniards usually have the good sense not to bring it up as their Franco was as much a Hitler ally as Mussolini with the exception being that France died in power in the 1970s.

  3. There’s certainly not much mention of it in France, though Hollande did turn up for a ceremony.

  4. Janus: You could argue that Mussolini was so inept that he forced Hitler to expend precious resourced to clean up his messes thus helping to weaken Germany’s capacities.

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