What a shame

Phil the Bubble is retiring

War hero, constant companion and consort to Good Queen Bess, founder of his great eponymous awards scheme and all round good bloke, the Duke of Edinburgh is finally retiring from public life at the grand old age of 96 (he is retiring after his birthday).

If anyone deserves a good retirement it is he, but there is only one downside. I will miss all of his off the cuff remarks and jokes that so upset the snowflakes of this world. I hope some other public figure picks up his baton!!  🙂

5 thoughts on “What a shame”

  1. Ο Φιλ, ο Έλληνας will be much missed. I had hoped that he could carry on forever, being that he’s a rare and most interesting voice of reason. Alas, I dread that this isn’t a possibility.

  2. Apart from the obvious exception of HM herself who can do no wrong in my eyes, the D of E is absolutely my favourite, closely followed by the Princess Royal. I’m not so sure about the male line though – Chuck, Randy and the Other One do not exactly fill me with hope and expectation.

    May it be many a long year before the bubble pops.


  3. I was horrified today to read that Randy is back in the fold and will take up some of Phil’s duties. Stand by for news of pecuniary advantage.

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