Then die, Facebook!

Today is a red letter day for me in that I have finally managed to have my Facebook account deleted. Rather foolishly I signed up for it a couple of years ago as a result of pressure from family and friends. I seldom used it, but realised that others did and it was sometimes the only way to contact people. Then in April this year, my internet connection went down and I was forced to use an internet cafe. Continue reading “Then die, Facebook!”

The Terror of Facebook

I wonder if any of you saw this article in yesterday’s Telegraph concerning a photograph that appeared on Facebook that depicted a white man holding a rifle, kneeling over the apparently lifeless body of a black child. As may be imagined, the story still has currency in the South African press as investigations continue. Leaving aside the unpleasant nature of the photograph the incident has some ramifications for social networking here and possibly elsewhere around the world. Continue reading “The Terror of Facebook”