Then die, Facebook!

Today is a red letter day for me in that I have finally managed to have my Facebook account deleted. Rather foolishly I signed up for it a couple of years ago as a result of pressure from family and friends. I seldom used it, but realised that others did and it was sometimes the only way to contact people. Then in April this year, my internet connection went down and I was forced to use an internet cafe.

One morning, I tired to log onto my email account, only to find that it rejected my password. It is a hotmail account that I had owned since 1996 or thereabouts. In a mild panic, I went through the recovery procedure and was relieved when I was able to access it. Immediately I created a new password.

I then noticed that there was an email to me from Facebook, saying that I had recently changed my password for that account. I had not and told them so. Facebook responded by saying that they would send a new password to my email account. However, they said they were going to send it to a new email address, and not my hotmail account. Obviously what had happened, was that the identity thief had gone and changed the email account associated with my account. So while Facebook was prepared to acknowledge that I had not changed my password, they were not prepared to send a new password to my address. Can you imagine how frustrating that was?

The only way that I could find to complain to Facebook about what had happened was to do so through my account. But since I did not have access to my account, they would not respond.

I tried contacting Yahoo, the location of the bogus email account and even got a response from them, asking for details. But having sent them, I never heard from Yahoo again.

I emailed many of my contacts telling them that my account had been hijacked and asked them to remove me as a friend and post a message to that effect. I know for a fact that most people ignored my request. Arseholes!

In any event, after much searching I finally found a link on Facebook that allowed me to complain about impersonation. I had to send all the appropriate details, including a copy of a government ID. After several exchanges, my profile was deleted.

Apart from the irritation of losing access to one’s own details, the danger is that the imposter sends out messages to contacts purporting to be me, in which he says that he is stuck in some foreign country and that I need to pay a bill or fine, otherwise I will be arrested. It has happened to a couple of people I know.

My advice is stay away from Facebook. Work of the Devil.

12 thoughts on “Then die, Facebook!”

  1. Hello Sipu. I feel compelled to tell you, your name is never, ever, removed from Facebook, your account maybe, but not your name, they keep it on record to keep their numbers up. I only discovered this when i got trapped there. You may also recall the lovely gent who used to blog here, before his death, the person who stole his identity still sends out emails in his name (even before his death, he tried continuously to have the scammer removed, but failed), to this very day. and if you open them, your buggered, your account is stolen.

    Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for. Facebook is very dangerous indeed. Trust me. Millions will disagree, but its true, nevertheless.

  2. I was suspicious of ‘social networking’ sites since the day they appeared and have never touched one with a long stick. E-mail and Skype works perfectly well for me, despite repeated requests from ‘friends’ to join MyFace or Spacebook or whatever. I don’t do Twatter either.


  3. I realised it was seriously bad news when it took a year, threats of legal action and a lawyers bill to close the boy’s account because I did not have his password.
    What was he supposed to do, give me a password on his deathbed? I would have thought a copy of a death certificate was more than sufficient!
    I agree with OZ eschew all that crap like the plague and pick up a landline.

  4. I have been meaning to leave Facebook for some while, so thanks for nudging me, Sipu. I have now “deleted” my account, although Facebook tells me that it will be up to 14 days before they actually delete it.

    Zukerberg needs a slap. ❗

  5. Hello Cuprum. Sadly I think that social network in general and FB in particular have been instilled into the psyche of the upcoming generation of movers and shakers. I think the genre is here to stay and people like us will be considered old fuddy duddy Luddites. But I hope not.

  6. Sipu, I have discovered that some of the younger generation are already tiring of the one-size-fits-all FB method of communication. They know the number of real ‘friends’ worthy of receiving worthwhile info is quite small – the rest are acquaintances of little interest. So it’s going to metamorphose into a 2-speed medium at best.

  7. Dammit sipu I’ve been aspiring to fuddy duddy Ludditism for years!
    And you don’t want to be one?
    Shame on you!

  8. I haqve to agree Facebook is dreadful, I do have an account but never post or use the thing. People keep asking to connect and I ignore them all, the only reason have it is for the company name and improved ranking, but I don’t think that works either.

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