42 thoughts on “Celebration – with more than a few tinnies!”

  1. Howzit Bearsy

    We’re all quite pleased too!

    I would of course have preferred Sydney to be a decider and keep interest in the series high but the present English mob are awful, I’ve just messaged that I reckon a full strength Eastern Province side would beat them!

    I was referred to earlier this month on these pages as being a neutral during this Ashes series, nothing could be farther from the truth, most here wanted England to lose, for two reasons …

    a) Stop England creeping up the ICC world rankings table. ( http://www.espncricinfo.com/rankings/content/current/page/211271.html ) Not that there’s much danger of the Proteas being surpassed in the near future and

    b) We want a confident Aussie team here to face us in Feb after we’ve sent the Indians home with their tails between their legs πŸ™‚

    (SA v Ind tomorrow, Wanderers)

  2. Australia’s won back the Ashes and Shane Warne has got shot of Elizabeth Hurley – a good time for Australia!

  3. Sheona, while Bearsy ain’t watching, dare one point out that the ‘new man’ image hardly suited him. Combed hair and no sledging? I don’t think so.

    Of course we also know that there is no difference between the England sides which won in England and lost in Oz. The difference is that playing among barbarians is never cricket.

  4. So there we were today talking about this pathetic display by the English against an Aussie side who, let’s be honest are perhaps average at best.

    The Ashes have become similar to the America’s cup rich in tradition but of those that love cricket, nobody cares!

    So I posed the question, who out of the 22 we saw play this last week would get into the current Protea’s team?

    I knew the answer, only one! And perhaps if we needed a 5th paceman at the expense of a spinner (and I don’t rate that Tahir at all, much rather have Robbie P there) perhaps 2.

  5. There is nothing in this post to account for the distasteful rudeness and social ignorance exhibited by Janus in his stupid comment #7, nor for the one-eyed hubris exposed by Soutie’s #9.

    If you two bogans fondly imagine that I’m going to cough up the fees to keep this site running for another year, so that you two can assuage your insecurities by scrawling cathartic graffiti all over it, you’re living in cloud-cuckoo land.

    And a Merry Bloody Christmas to you two too.

  6. The term bogan is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for an individual who is recognised to be from an unsophisticated background or someone whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplifies a lack of manners and education. Whilst bogan is widely recognised, localised names exist that describe the same or very similar groups of people.

    From Wiki.

    Please be aware, Sheona, that my comment is in the finest tradition of sledging (barracking in Pommie-speak, I seem to remember). This is something that takes place on the field in all Test Matches. Some teams are very ready to dish it out, but sulk when it is returned. Aussies are quite adept at the practice, whereas the Poms and the Saffers are big girls’ blouses. πŸ™‚

  7. Dunno, Pseu. What with the airtime given lately to the karking of the greatest statesman who ever lived (© BBC) and a loveable rogue (© R. Biggs) it is difficult to tell. 😦 If it helps, Liverpool stuffed Spurs 5-0 last weekend costing Villas Boas his job, which is bad news for Porto (my favoured team here apart from any team playing Benfica) who might inherit the debris of his career next season if not before.


  8. Ha ha, howzit Bearsy

    The Indians didn’t have too bad a day yesterday, 255/5, not bad considering the start they had.

    We were unanimous yesterday that Michael Clarke was the one player we’d have, (although he might have to bat at 5) and that Mitch was the other, not a single Englishman was thought good enough πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Soutie. πŸ™‚

    I thought that young Ben Stokes looked very promising for the future – but then I discovered that he was born a Kiwi, so that explains it! πŸ˜€

  10. I recall that the sainted Antipodeans haven’t been enjoying the sledging much while losing Ashes series for four years on the run. But hey! That’s different, I expect. πŸ™‚

  11. As an England supporter, I find the most depressing thing about the series so far has been the fact that Graham Swann felt it necessary to apologise for saying to his brother, something along the lines of ‘watching a film was better than being a**e raped in Perth’. I despair.

  12. I’ve never used the words “a**e raped ” in my life! In fact I’ve certainly never heard them ever, and don’t even think that I’ve read the term anywhere.

    Although he was communicating with his brother it was on an open and very public platform (Facebook)


    What induces people to use vulgar language such as this? (even in private)

    There is a phrase that I’ve heard (partly to do with a similar part of the anatomy) that describes his actions perfectly … “S**t for brains!”

    … πŸ˜‰ …

  13. I have alluded to this before, but La Grande Dame Hurley (x list celeb) views us lesser mortals as ‘civilians’ and is quoted publicly as such. Show me a picture of the immortal in ‘that dress’ when she is seventy. On second thoughts, don’t.

    Liz ‘n’ Shane (was he involved in some other sport at some point?) are a match made in Heaven and they deserve each other. Saves spoiling two other couples.



  14. You’ve played some really good cricket – it’s been tough to watch – my partner actually flew out yesterday for the boxing test – she’s hoping it’s not going to be awful! lol
    Congratulations you buggers! πŸ˜€ thoroughly deserved – I just can’t get over how we just rolled over. Ghastly.

  15. G’day OZ – and Sheona.
    No problem with calling Shane Warne the fat boy – many people used to, ‘cos he sure was a bit chubby. Mind you, since Liz appeared on the scene he’s lost a lot of weight and become another pretty boy like Pup… But he could bowl a bit. πŸ™‚

    and G’day Soutie –
    I’m rather amused by your reference to the current SA/India Test. Since you wrote your comment, your guys have been demolished in short order by India, who took a first-innings lead and are now 284 for 2 in their second innings. And poor old Morne Morkel has twisted his ankle and can’t bowl any more (could he before he damaged his foot? Doesn’t look like it). πŸ˜€

    You ain’t gonna win this one!!

  16. Yoo hoo Bearsy. Best wishes to you and Boadicea for the festive season. I wish I were back there to enjoy a haunch of cold roast beef and a whole poached salmon from the eskie on the beach at Mooloolaba (Noosa Bay is too posh) as we once did.


  17. Hi Bearsy, yes, who’d have thought it?

    Any chance of a win or even a draw looks to have gone out the window, I think that will give the Indians a record at the Wanderers of played 4, won 2, drawn 2!

    We’ve been awful, unfortunately this is only a 2 match tour, our board wanted a 4 test series but the Indians refused. (2nd test – Durban boxing Day)

    … 😦 …

  18. Aye weel, Bearsie.

    I am finally almost over the whole sorry mess and just about able to comment without being totally bogan about it. Good to see the Aussies borrowing from such a fine Scots Gaelic word by the way.


    One enjoyable night and then misery night after night as I listened on TMS to ‘us’ being out thought, outfought and outplayed. I was also recording it on Sky to watch the next evening but confess to deleting every session unwatched.

    ‘We’ deserved it. ‘We’ were over confident and under prepared. I know full well that Pup is not your favourite person but he seems to me to be a pretty good Captain with an excellent cricket brain and the requisite ruthless streak.

    Anyway, water under the bridge and congratulations on regaining the urn. I just hope ‘we’ can perform a lot better in the remaining two Tests. And gub you in the One Day and Twenty20 series.

  19. Soutie :

    Hi Bearsy, yes, who’d have thought it?

    Any chance of a win or even a draw looks to have gone out the window, I think that will give the Indians a record at the Wanderers of played 4, won 2, drawn 2!

    We’ve been awful, unfortunately this is only a 2 match tour, our board wanted a 4 test series but the Indians refused. (2nd test – Durban boxing Day)

    … :( …

    Been enjoying the match today, Soutie, and It could get interesting. A very slight chance of a win and a better one of the draw but the Proteas are in soapy bubble if that pitch produces any more unplayable balls like the one that Kallis bowled Sharmi with.

  20. G’day Mr Mackie, Sir.

    Nope! Your reference notwithstanding, bogan is not derived from any flavour of heathen Garlic (whoops – I mean Gaelic). You will have noticed that the guy you quoted wrote his piece over 20 years ago and that his full name is very, very Irish. You may not have noticed that he was only loosely connected with Sydney Uni, or that he no longer is. By the by, yakka is not Gaelic either, despite his saying so; as every fule no, it comes directly from one of our indigenous tongues.

    Other authorities including the ANU and QU, the Macquarie and Oxford dictionaries and the ABC, agree that the origin of bogan is undetermined, but that it is not the Bogan river or Boganshire, nor yet the Bogon(g) moth (a Canberra annual delicacy).

    Bearing in mind the late date at which bogan first appeared, there is a body of thought that asserts the origin to be a Strine mispronunciation of Douglas Adam’s Vogon. Indeed, there are many casual similarities.

    But not to worry. πŸ˜€

  21. Fine that, Bearsy.

    IIt goes without saying that I totally respect the MacQuarie Dictionary. Presumably named in honour of that utterly memorable Jock, Lachlan, MacQuarie, quondam Governer of NSW?

    I like the Vogon theory but don’t buy it.The fact remains that the word Bogan(ach) was first coined here and I, for one, am happy that younger ‘civilisations’ have chosen to borrow from our rich language.

    I never worry – smiley thing.

  22. There are many many things down under that are labelled Macquarie, and many others called Lachlan. All reflecting and honouring the fifth Governor of NSW.

    To be slightly pedantic, the dictionary was so named because it was created by a team of linguists from Macquarie University – but that august establishment was itself named for the big guy, so you’re right, albeit after redirection. In Strine the Q is never capitalised. πŸ™‚

  23. John Mackie :

    Been enjoying the match today, Soutie, and It could get interesting. A very slight chance of a win and a better one of the draw but the Proteas are in soapy bubble if that pitch produces any more unplayable balls like the one that Kallis bowled Sharmi with.

    Morning JM, yes it’s never over ’till it’s over.

    Faf saved us in Adelaide last year and the Proteas racked up 414 to win in Perth a few years previously, a you say not impossible but… ?

    Hopefully they got the roller out last night and are still rolling it πŸ˜‰ (The pitch, that is)

  24. Are we going to see a new world record?

    85 needed of 19

    Of course the Aussies will be happy ’cause they currently hold the top 2 spots!

    … πŸ™‚ …

  25. Hey Jayman

    Well, we didn’t win if that’s what you mean, but from about an hour after lunch with Faf and AB piling on the runs the Indian cricketers had us as favorites, but cricket’s a funny old game, no we didn’t lose. Please pay attention!

  26. Soutie :

    What a day! What a last session! What a last hour! What a final 10 minutes!

    So close yet so far :(

    Good evening Soutie. What a game! I thought you had it done and dusted until Du Plessis was run out, with that direct throw, Don’t blame the Proteas for going for the draw after that and leaving it to Durban to be the decider. Logical if unromantic.

    Settling down for Episode IV of the 2013 Antipodean Ashes Disaster. And Clarke wins the toss yet again to make it 4-0!

    No Prior and surprised to see Broad in there as it was strongly suggested that he was not fit.

    C’mon England!

  27. Oh and I just saw that over 91,000 people watched today’s Ashes game at the MCG – another world record, Soutie, for your lads to go for!

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