Poker Face


There I was watching The Proteas completely demolish India (as I confidently predicted way back on Dec 17th) at a local watering hole with a few pals, when a complete stranger walked in wearing this T shirt.

I thought it funny.

Oh, and another thing …

Watching a documentary on TV the other day I heard an interesting ‘fact’.

I’m going to pose it as a question.

What man made objects transport the equivalent of the world’s population every 3 days?

(hint, not cars, trains or planes)

28 thoughts on “Poker Face”

  1. Good morning FEEG and a Happy New Year to you too, no super rugby for me this year (sob!)

    No, not bikes 😦

  2. Hmm. I wonder if it would be as funny if it read ‘I poked your 14 year old daughter on facebook’. If not, why not?

  3. And what does the word ‘poke’ mean on Facebook! Does it mean to prod as “Oi – wake up, I’m prodding you” ? Has any one been “poked” on this site? (I mean on Facebook ha ha.)

  4. Sipu almost every single joke ever told involving a wife, mother, sister, blonde, redhead, granny, girlfriend etc. would be seriously ‘unfunny’ if directed at a minor, that’s why they’re not.

  5. Howzit PapaG, unfortunately I’ve never poked anybody on Facebook so no help from me there πŸ™‚

  6. And Soutie, jokes about poking another person’s mother are also ‘seriously unfunny’, especially when exhibited in that format.And when worn by a youngster like the one above appears to be, worthy of a good thumping.

  7. Howzit Sipu, actually the bloke wearing it was pretty close to our age, certainly closer to 50 than 20, anyhow, I wasn’t expecting a discussion on the appropriateness of it or not, I thought it funny and wanted to share.

  8. Poking on Facebook is not as sinister as it sounds, but still rather tedious.

    You can understand poke at facebook as to say “hey, you! wutsup”, but some people have wrong understanding that poke at…

    Posted by I Love Quotations on Sunday, March 25, 2012

  9. Sorry, Soutie, if my comment seemed a bit hard hitting. I am afraid that is one my many foibles. On the plus side, (the sentiments of some people, notwithstanding), I am normally fairly quick to apologise and quick to forgive, when offence has been caused.

    I tend to express my ideas by using extreme examples to make my point; reductio ad absurdum. Everybody is the offspring of a mother. Not everybody is the parent of a daughter. The point being that humour, like so many things in life, is extremely subjective. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    As it happens, I am not one who necessarily attaches a higher value to the lives and well-being of children, (or women, for that matter) than I do to adults in general or men in particular. Everybody is capable of being hurt, wronged, offended, mistreated etc, regardless of their age or sex and I do not see why an innocent, middle-aged man who has been wronged, is any less deserving of sympathy or protection than a young child. Frequently, the middle-aged man is more vulnerable precisely because he is an adult male. and frequently children are able recover more quickly from a wrong, than are adults. Children are usually far more resilient than they are given credit for.

    I think this modern obsession with children, like so many things has been taken too far. I was told a story the other day by a friend of my parents, former neighbours, whom I had not seen for some time. I come from a very large family and when we first arrived in Rhodesia, we were invited round one afternoon to visit these neighbours, to have tea and to swim in their pool. The ages of me and my siblings at the time, ranged from 0 to about 16. Our host recounted how concerned he had been, by the carefree attitude my parents had exhibited in light of the fact that so many of their children were swimming in the pool, largely unsupervised by anybody other than themselves. He asked my father if he was at all worried that something might happen. My father, allegedly, stood up from his chair, made a quick count and then said, ‘Most of the good ones still seem to be all right’ and promptly sat down again. Rather than being disappointed by my father’s reaction, I was rather pleased by his sensible attitude.

    I mourn the fact that families are so small these days. Children from small families tend to be exalted above their deserts which has a tendency to spoil them. Spoilt children usually grow up to be spoilt adults; at least that is my view, though of course I could be wrong.

    Anyway, it was not so much the joke that worried me personally, I just did not think it was appropriate for this site, though I am sire I have told worse here in the past and may do so again. But no hard feelings I hope.

  10. Let me make one thing perfectly clear…

    As long as I am a member of this site I’m going to post what I feel like, If I’ve offended somebody today, I’m sorry, this whole discussion has got out of hand, good grief, I’ve managed to disgust my good friend from Denmark, have a closer member (whom I’ve met) start moralizing to me on what is and isn’t acceptable on these pages, I feel like giving up!

    I’m fortunate that I still live in a society where we can change a light bulb without scaffolding, where we can call chicks ‘babes’ Where we can laugh at an innocuous joke without being hung drawn and quartered.

    Where the girls behind the bar where I was at today asked me to speak to the owner to buy them vests as uniforms instead of golf shirts (the golf shirts are just too hot)

    Perhaps I’ll go and find a shirt that states ” I poked your Dad on Facebook”

    I simply cannot believe the reaction, (here)

    When I start behaving or acting like that please e-mail my missus (yes she reads them all) and get me quarantined.I’d hate to live in a world or country like that.

  11. Morning Sipu

    You’re right, I’ve lightened. I think I’ll watch a bit of the cricket from the SCG, England, 155 all out! Heading for a whitewash, are they rubbish or what?

  12. You are right, they are pretty rubbish. But what I find so interesting is that essentially the same team beat Australia fairly comprehensively only months ago. Clearly this has a great deal to do with team morale; one very positive and one very negative. I won’t be watching any cricket if I can help it.

  13. Let me try the impossible – I’ll agree and disagree with Soutie and Sipu, all at the same time! Here goes –

    It’s a question of national cultures. The illustration of a T-shirt contains the word Mom, so it has to be American (nobody else uses that abortion of an abbreviation). To the Americans, the word poke doesn’t usually carry the salacious overtones that it does in other English-speaking Nations. When they started poking on Facebook, none of them knew that it had that meaning, and they were astonished at some of the complaints they received. But they’ve kept with it, being stubborn and believing that the USA is the centre of the universe.

    So when I saw this post, I quickly shifted to an American persona, and declined to be outraged or even mildly miffed.

    In Australian, poked is far less strong than it is in British English, and I guess less strong than it is in South African English, judging by the forcefulness of some of the comments here.

    Just for fun, think about the word route, which sounds exactly like the word root. It’s a naughty word in Yank, but not in British, unless it’s pointed out and emphasised. In Australian, it’s a bit of a giggle, because although no-one uses it in normal speech, everyone knows the Yank meaning and will give you jocular GBH of the ear ‘ole if you’re sufficiently misguided to ask for, say, “the best route to the beach”. I know, I’ve done just that many moons ago. πŸ˜€

    Can we all be nice happy friends again? Please. πŸ™‚

  14. Ha ha Bearsy, a job well done!

    I think that you’ve done a fine job of agreeing and disagreeing with us πŸ™‚

    It is, as you say all in the context. I suppose those with no experience of Facebook would quite naturally not see the funny side.

    Friends? Of course, I and I’m sure others have already moved on.

    … πŸ˜‰ …

    Well done on the cricket by the way, without detracting from the superb job your bowlers have done those English can’t bat, can’t bowl, can’t catch and can’t even field properly, did you see that SEVEN !!!

    We’re looking forward to hosting your Aussies next month, we have the 2nd test here at St Georges Park. (Feb 20)

  15. Soutie :

    Morning Sipu

    You’re right, I’ve lightened. I think I’ll watch a bit of the cricket from the SCG, England, 155 all out! Heading for a whitewash, are they rubbish or what?

    Yes, in a word. Time to regroup – can’t take more than ten years, I reckon. 😦

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