Talking about murder trials …

Two of my national dailies report that he’s returning!

“HONEYMOON murder suspect Shrien Dewani could be back in South Africa within weeks. Prosecutors are discussing his return with his legal team after he decided not to continue his battle against extradition.” (Weekend Argus, can’t link it, sorry it’s pay per view)


“There is no indication from Mr Dewani of an intention to approach the European Court of Human Rights,” spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said.

Mhaga said the department was liaising with the office of the home secretary in Britain.

“The two offices are facilitating the process of Mr Dewani’s extradition in terms of the last English High Court order.

“We are working tirelessly to ensure that his return to our shores brings to finality this protracted legal process,” he said. (The Times / Sunday Times, article here )

About time.

Dewani – a step closer

Today’s Cape Town daily

It’s hard to believe that it is more than 3 years since the murder of Anni Dewani (November 13, 2010)

I’m well aware that the husband can appeal this decision but apparently only on ‘procedural grounds.’ After that it’s possibly the European Courts, we’re getting closer.

I can’t link the report from this newspaper (it’s pay per view) so have reproduced it in it’s entirety for you … Continue reading “Dewani – a step closer”

Dewani appeal

Tragic scene

 Dewani is appealing Judge Howard Riddle’s ruling of August this year which granted the South African judiciary’s request for him to be extradited to Cape Town to face charges relating to the November 2010 murder of his wife Anni in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

Judge Riddle’s decision required final approval from the British Home Office, Theresa May the British Home Secretary duly authorised the extradition order during September.

Dewani appealed.

The appeal started at the London High Court on Tuesday, 13th December.

Clare Montgomery (Dewani’s QC) argued that Dewani suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder “is too ill to be extradited.” Continue reading “Dewani appeal”

Anni Dewani – 12 months on

A poignant reminder

The remnants of a bouquet of roses marks the spot where Anni Dewani’s body was found, a heartbreaking reminder of those oh so tragic events of 12 months ago today, in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

During the intervening year the taxi driver has been sentenced to 18 years in jail, a further two accomplices (the trigger men) are awaiting trial and the alleged mastermind (Anni’s husband Shrien Dewani) is appealing against a successful extradition order which the S.A. prosecution service hope will see him returned to Cape Town.

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Dewani extradition, 1 step closer

The UK Home Secretary (Theresa May) has signed the extradition order for Shrien Dewani to be tried in South Africa for the murder of his wife Anni.

Shrien Dewani (the depressed post traumatic stress sufferer) now has 2 weeks to appeal her decision. Theresa May’s approval was required to confirm District Judge Howard Riddle’s decision of 10th August in which after a lengthy hearing he decided that they extradition request was fair, that Dewani was fit to stand trial and that our judicial system would not impinge on his human rights!

Dewani’s options appear to be first the appeal and then an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, the wheels of justice seem to take forever but we can wait.

I’m just delighted that while this is ongoing Dewani is living the life of a virtual prisoner in his fancy care home.

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Dewani extradition update

Dewani High Court appeal (18 December 2011) update here

Anni Dewani – 12 months on update here (13 November 2011)

Update here (10 August 2011) … Judge rule for extradition

In my post of May 4 I wrote “The extradition hearing has now been postponed to July 18 awaiting a psychiatric report, that’s OK by me, we’ll wait.”

Well, we’ve waited, hopefully tomorrow we will finally get an answer as to whether he’s nuts or going to be returning to Cape Town (which is a really nice place to visit in the spring, as some here will attest.)

It’s not just me eagerly awaiting the outcome of the court’s decision, Anni’s Mother, Father and 8 other relatives are flying into London to hear the outcome.

Speaking from his home in Sweden, Mr Hindocha  (Anni’s Father) said Continue reading “Dewani extradition update”

Anni Dewani’s ashes scattered yesterday

RIP: Family of murdered bride Anni Dewani yesterday scattered her ashes in Lake Vänern Sweden. The lake borders Mariestad, her home town

Extradition update here (29/09/2011)

 My Sunday paper devoted a half page today to this oh so sad event which took place yesterday. My thoughts and prayers today were with Anni Dewani’s family, her uncle Ashok Hindocha is quoted as saying:-

“We took a boat out on Lake Vänern, next to Mariestad where she was born and where she spent her childhood. She loved swimming, cycling, walking and playing there on sunny days,” he said.

“It was a very intimate moment, especially for her mother, Nilam. It is a relief to know that her body is finally where she belongs.

“But her soul isn’t exactly at peace yet. This can only happen when all the questions surrounding her death is answered.

“We know who did it. They are in jail. But the “why” must still be exposed. We are in a very harsh situation. Continue reading “Anni Dewani’s ashes scattered yesterday”

Dewani motive – update

This picture on the left is one of a man suffering from severe depression or is it anxiety, who knows who cares?

Reports today suggest that the accused wanted out of the engagement but couldn’t simply call the wedding off for fear of being disowned by his family.

The extradition hearing has now been postponed to July 18 awaiting a psychiatric report, that’s OK by me, we’ll wait.

I take great satisfaction knowing that the high flying lifestyle that this man once lived has disintegrated, that is a sentence in itself (not mine) he must be reminded every day that we, the peace loving citizens of South Africa will not let this matter rest.

An update on the 14th May service to scatter Anni’s ashes here