15 thoughts on “Here you go Soutie.”

  1. Hurray! Has the UK Justice System had an injection of Common Sense – not too soon?


  2. I doubt it, Boadicea. He will probably lodge an appeal, according to one report, so it could be a while yet before he’s on a plane!

  3. Are the courts finally beginning to get the message that individuals should be accountable for their own stupidity?

    The world cannot continue to pick up the tab for irresponsibility. Even Judges must eventually understand that their insurance premiums keep rising because of their own daft decisions to award huge pay-outs for stupidity.

  4. All I can say is that, if this guy did what he is accused of doing I sincerely hope he is subject to the full rigour of the law.

  5. I don’t know whether SA has the same ‘sub judice’ laws as the UK but there’s not much the British media have not already surmised about said defendant. Shades of the Bristol teacher last Xmas.

  6. Boadicea :

    Hurray! Has the UK Justice System had an injection of Common Sense – not too soon?

    Wait until some dodgy lawyer tries the Yooman Rights defence!

  7. At least if this is the case it will decide once and for all if he is guilty or not.

    If he is innocent why did he hold out so long?

  8. Thank you Toc, I heard just after lunch today, I’m absolutely delighted.

    I’m pleased that the troubles that you lot are experiencing didn’t reduce this news to a byline.

    It’s important for Anni, Anni’s family and all right thinking people (both South African and wherever they may be in the world) that justice is seen to be allowed to follow it’s course.

    Perhaps we can now finally get answers.

    Every time I see this picture of her a tear wells in my eye, as a father of daughters I have a slight idea what her parents must have endured over this last ten months, Ara is quite correct, he can appeal but as I’ve pointed out in my earlier posts he’ll have no chance of succeeding.

    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve added my customary tags to your post.

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