The Dewani trial

Here are the last 4 days front pages of what is probably Cape Town’s largest daily newspaper, as you can see, one story dominates.

Can you believe that it’s been FOUR years?

Hats off to our judiciary for getting him back.

I’m no fan of televised court proceedings, not that I watch any of them, this one will not be on National TV (or Sky, CNN etc.)

Having said that, with social media being what it is today, updates of court proceedings are probably being tweeted / blogged / Facebooked on a minute by minute basis. My local radio news leads it’s hourly bulletins with “the latest from Cape Town.”

You can read the Cape Argus here, click on ‘calendar’ in the top left for back editions.

12 thoughts on “The Dewani trial”

  1. Mรดre Jay.

    It’s certainly one that needed to be held.

    But yes, what with ‘rent boys’, admissions of homo/ bisexuality, a wealthy foreigner, not to mention the trouble it took to get him here (and a beautiful young woman) all the ingredients necessary to keep the media ‘happy’ for months!

  2. Oh God, another perv wog deviant a la Rotherham.
    Why not just have a quiet accident in jail Lubyanka style?

  3. I can certainly understand the interest in the trial in your part of the world, Soutie. It’s been dragging on for so long and has been so widely discussed in the media worldwide, I think I’m really only interested in the verdict. No really for myself, but Anni’s family have been waiting for years to find out what really happened.

  4. Not just Anni’s family Ara but all of us.

    The sensationalism and publicity given this murder by the world’s media in the immediate aftermath was disparaging to SA to say the least.

    We all want to know.

  5. All that time and effort to try to discover the truth of what happened and I doubt that we are any further forward. Anni’s family must be truly devastated by this verdict.

  6. What an absolute shambles

    He wasn’t found not guilty, the trial was dismissed because the clowns in charge messed up.

    Not just Anni’s family Ara, all of us.

    It might have been better if he’d kept on fighting extradition, at least that way he was in a sort of self imposed exile!

    I wonder if when he returns to Bristol if he’ll go back to the care home to continue his recovery from his post traumatic stress or throw a party?

  7. Yes, it was a bit of a disaster, I agree. There is talk that Anni’s family will bring some sort of civil action against him in the UK, but I don’t know if that would work,considering the lack of evidence and/or witnesses.

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