Dewani motive – update

This picture on the left is one of a man suffering from severe depression or is it anxiety, who knows who cares?

Reports today suggest that the accused wanted out of the engagement but couldn’t simply call the wedding off for fear of being disowned by his family.

The extradition hearing has now been postponed to July 18 awaiting a psychiatric report, that’s OK by me, we’ll wait.

I take great satisfaction knowing that the high flying lifestyle that this man once lived has disintegrated, that is a sentence in itself (not mine) he must be reminded every day that we, the peace loving citizens of South Africa will not let this matter rest.

An update on the 14th May service to scatter Anni’s ashes here

19 thoughts on “Dewani motive – update”

  1. he’s lucky I am not on his jury. I think he is as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo.

    That is based purely on personal prejudice of course.

  2. Yup Minty MBE,

    I have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. Deplorable I know, but I am certain he is a wrong un.

  3. Difficult to decide in this case, I feel. Do you really think he can get a fair trial in South Africa, Soutie, after the comments made by that police chief?

  4. I was wondering what had happened to this case.

    I have no idea whether the guy is guilty or not. What I am sure of is that the only thing that should matter in the question of his extradition is whether the South African police can show that they have a case against him… stress, bad conditions in the goals whatever. If he has a case to answer, he should be answering it.

  5. Perhaps the best would be a rerun of the treatment his bride received?
    Sauce for geese and ganders?

  6. Araminta :

    Innocent until proven guilty, Soutie? I would have hoped that this concept applied in South Africa too.

    Of course it does Ara, difficult to have a trial without an accused though.

    Araminta :

    Hmm bit like Joanna Yeates’ landlord then?

    Well it perhaps might be similar if the landlord had hopped onto a plane 3 days after her disappearance to say Mexico, then employed some high powered publicist to divert attention and after that admitted himself into a psychiatric hospital, other than that I would say no, not similar at all.

    You seem to think that I have already made my mind up on Dewani, not at all, it is his continued avoidance of allowing a trial that gets my goat.

  7. sheona :

    Difficult to decide in this case, I feel. Do you really think he can get a fair trial in South Africa, Soutie, after the comments made by that police chief?

    Morning sheona

    I have every confidence that he will receive a ‘fair trial.’ In fact the only arguments that I’ve heard or read recently are not on the state of our judiciary nor the evidence but how if he is found guilty that our jails would impeach his (euro-dictated) human rights.

    Celi has recently expressed ‘regret’ for his comments and their effect on the matter but to the best of my knowledge this has not been mentioned at this weeks hearing (it’s irrelevant.)

  8. What Soutie said.

    And what Ferret said. I tend to the view that the prima facie, (OK, our gentlemen of the law may now tell me I’m mis-using a precisely defined technical term, I guess,) facts seem to show that this guy’s story is not 100% accurate, and that there is more to the case than he would have us know. It would seem that he has questions to answer, and that he should be made to answer them. The questions raised by some about South African justice seem to me to fall under the general heading, ‘if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime,’ and I would opine that, given the notoriety of this case, there is a vanishingly small chance that the treatment he would receive in SA would be anything less than exemplary, and that it would be publicly demonstrated to be so.

    Which leaves the question, why won’t the guy face his accusers?

  9. Five star jail for Shrien: SA

    “London – Shrien Dewani will be the most pampered prisoner in South Africa if he is extradited to stand trial for the murder of his wife Anni in Cape Town in November last year.

    He will be confined to a single cell with a flushing toilet and hot and cold running water in one of the country’s best prisons, and be monitored closely to ensure his protection.

    These unprecedented assurances from South African officials have emerged in the Belmarsh Magistrate’s Court…….. more here

    As Bravo suggested, should he end up in jail it appears that our lot intend to ensure that he is reasonably treated, although ‘5 star’ may be a slight exaggeration!

  10. Thank you, Soutie. The man certainly should be facing up to the accusations. It’s very easy to fake mental illness, but what if it’s genuine? I agree that hiring Max Clifford does give rise to doubts, though, and now there are all sorts crawling out of the woodwork.

  11. It’s very easy to fake mental illness, but what if it’s genuine?

    Then let the South Africans decide – I’m sure they have shrinks there just as good as those in the UK…

    At least then Vimod and Nilam Hindocha, Anni’s parents, will feel that Dewani is not just using the Britain’s over-the-top, super-bleeding heart system to avoid standing trial…

    If the UK system reckons there is a case to answer, neither his medical condition nor the state of the South African prison system should stop them shipping him out. The only cause I would admit for not allowing an extradition order would be if it is clear that he would not get a fair trial – in which case try the man in the UK.

  12. Boadicea, I’m sure the South African trick-cyclists are equally as good as any others, but it is unfortunately true that such professionals can disagree among themselves on a diagnosis.

  13. I think that we’re getting a bit sidetracked here, I couldn’t care less about his current state of mind, how was he 6 months ago when these events unfolded?

    He certainly wasn’t ‘depressed’ or psychotic when he conned one of the top game reserves in the country by impersonating a travel agent (“British murder accused Shrien Dewani pretended to be a travel consultant to get a 90% discount at the luxury private safari lodge where he took his bride, Anni, on honeymoon just days before she was shot dead – allegedly at his instigation.

    He conned the Chitwa Chitwa lodge at Sabi Sand Game Reserve into charging him R3000 for three nights, instead of the R36000 going rate…. full story here)

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