Dewani extradition, 1 step closer

The UK Home Secretary (Theresa May) has signed the extradition order for Shrien Dewani to be tried in South Africa for the murder of his wife Anni.

Shrien Dewani (the depressed post traumatic stress sufferer) now has 2 weeks to appeal her decision. Theresa May’s approval was required to confirm District Judge Howard Riddle’s decision of 10th August in which after a lengthy hearing he decided that they extradition request was fair, that Dewani was fit to stand trial and that our judicial system would not impinge on his human rights!

Dewani’s options appear to be first the appeal and then an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, the wheels of justice seem to take forever but we can wait.

I’m just delighted that while this is ongoing Dewani is living the life of a virtual prisoner in his fancy care home.

And Max? Well Max Clifford is annoyed that the Dewani family have restricted their responses to ‘no comment’ but muttered something along the lines that his client won’t get a fair trial here, tough luck Max, looks like you’re losing this one.

My heart goes out to Anni’s family, hopefully this is another step closer to some sort of finality for them.

4 thoughts on “Dewani extradition, 1 step closer”

  1. I think you are right, Soutie. He will have to answer to the charges eventually, but it could drag on.
    At this point I can see no reason why he is delaying the whole thing.

  2. Morning all

    Hurray indeed.

    I’ve no idea how the ECHR works, is it free?

    I fully understand that the the Dewanis are a wealthy bunch the legal fees must surely be mounting into the £10,000s if not £100,000s.

    I recall him already having lodged £60,000 (If memory serves me correct) in South Africa to secure a top defence team.

    He’s buying time but sooner or later one must surely run out.

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