Dewani extradition update

Dewani High Court appeal (18 December 2011) update here

Anni Dewani – 12 months on update here (13 November 2011)

Update here (10 August 2011) … Judge rule for extradition

In my post of May 4 I wrote “The extradition hearing has now been postponed to July 18 awaiting a psychiatric report, that’s OK by me, we’ll wait.”

Well, we’ve waited, hopefully tomorrow we will finally get an answer as to whether he’s nuts or going to be returning to Cape Town (which is a really nice place to visit in the spring, as some here will attest.)

It’s not just me eagerly awaiting the outcome of the court’s decision, Anni’s Mother, Father and 8 other relatives are flying into London to hear the outcome.

Speaking from his home in Sweden, Mr Hindocha  (Anni’s Father) said he hoped the courts would find in favour of the South African authorities.

‘We need answers,’ he said. ‘And only Shrien can provide those answers. That is why he must go to South Africa.

‘If he is as innocent as he implies, why does he not want to go? What is he scared of?’

(Article here)

4 thoughts on “Dewani extradition update”

  1. Soutie, an intriguing case indeed! However I’m not sure that the old saw, ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ has ever been worth much to a defendant. Adversarial court systems always present a risk that the innocent will go down.

  2. Morning Janus, I’m no judge of adversarial court systems or any other, if our prosecutors feel a charge and court case is warranted I’m happy with that.

    I am confident that if he returns the trial will be a fair one.

  3. G’morgen, Soutie. I’m glad to hear it. He however seems to have his doubts! 🙂

  4. Judgement has been set for August 10. (Link here)

    Unfortunately the report that I read today told us that both sides would have the right of appeal, this could go on for a lot longer.

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