Anni Dewani’s ashes scattered yesterday

RIP: Family of murdered bride Anni Dewani yesterday scattered her ashes in Lake Vänern Sweden. The lake borders Mariestad, her home town

Extradition update here (29/09/2011)

 My Sunday paper devoted a half page today to this oh so sad event which took place yesterday. My thoughts and prayers today were with Anni Dewani’s family, her uncle Ashok Hindocha is quoted as saying:-

“We took a boat out on Lake Vänern, next to Mariestad where she was born and where she spent her childhood. She loved swimming, cycling, walking and playing there on sunny days,” he said.

“It was a very intimate moment, especially for her mother, Nilam. It is a relief to know that her body is finally where she belongs.

“But her soul isn’t exactly at peace yet. This can only happen when all the questions surrounding her death is answered.

“We know who did it. They are in jail. But the “why” must still be exposed. We are in a very harsh situation.

“Anni is dead and her husband is a suspect. Today the family once again begs him to come to South Africa and help clear things up.

“We won’t start grieving until we know for sure who killed her. But scattering her ashes where she was happiest will help,” he said. (Full report here)

Her husband’s extradition trial was postponed earlier this month to July 18th, awaiting a psychiatric report, further comment on the extradition hearing  here.

9 thoughts on “Anni Dewani’s ashes scattered yesterday”

  1. I know one should say innocent until proved guilty, why does the man not realise that all this malarky with delaying standing trial makes him appear to be guilty.

  2. Sad indeed, but why so much international media interest? Are they famous or wealthy? I know if my daughter was murdered the last thing I’d want is the media there……

  3. Morning Toc, I hope so.

    On my previous post I said “I take great satisfaction knowing that the high flying lifestyle that this man once lived has disintegrated, that is a sentence in itself “

    He’s also been moved from Priory Hospital in Bristol to the Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke in Somerset (apparently a high security facility) because of aggressive behaviour. Life can’t be fun for him at the moment.

  4. Cuprum I have a feeling that Anni’s family (Hindocha) released this info to our press, I doubt if the press were actually at the event.

    I know that if something like this happened to one of my family members I’d want as much publicity as often and as discreetly as possible.

    I couldn’t find details of this service in any of your press yesterday, it obviously has huge interest down here, I know that I for one want answers and I’ll continue to publish salient updates to this case as and when I feel necessary.

    Is he famous or wealthy, I believe the Dewani family are indeed famous in the Bristol Indian community and certainly wealthy, they own a chain of nursing homes (or similar) in the area.

  5. Thanks Soutie for the update, I must admit I haven’t really followed this with too much interest from the beginning and that’s perhaps key to what I’m thinking.

    I can see why it would hold interest for you in SA but it does seem to have a disproportionate amount of coverage even here in the UK that seems solely due to the wealth of both families. Horrible sad business I agree, but still only an unsolved murder. There are greater worries in the world are there not?

    Please, don’t mistake me as unfeeling and I’m not ranting, but would there be the same if they two parties were just ordinary folk? It sells papers I guess. Tabloid fodder.

    We will certainly have to agree to disagree with the media intrusion dear chap! I wouldn’t piss on the hacks if they were on fire if they came anywhere near my family, and I certainly wouldn’t send them photos, however moving they may be.

  6. Just re-read one of your paragraphs Soutie – I don’t mean to imply any negativity on you publicising the case here, that’s what the chariot is for! I have no bags with you dear co-leader! 😀

  7. cuprum426 :

    We will certainly have to agree to disagree with the media intrusion dear chap!

    Howzit Cuprum
    I have a feeling that these updates are coming from the family, their choice!

    I didn’t mean to imply anything with my “I’ll continue to publish salient updates” bit just that I will! This case should not be allowed to go away.

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