Talking about murder trials …

Two of my national dailies report that he’s returning!

“HONEYMOON murder suspect Shrien Dewani could be back in South Africa within weeks. Prosecutors are discussing his return with his legal team after he decided not to continue his battle against extradition.” (Weekend Argus, can’t link it, sorry it’s pay per view)


“There is no indication from Mr Dewani of an intention to approach the European Court of Human Rights,” spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said.

Mhaga said the department was liaising with the office of the home secretary in Britain.

“The two offices are facilitating the process of Mr Dewani’s extradition in terms of the last English High Court order.

“We are working tirelessly to ensure that his return to our shores brings to finality this protracted legal process,” he said. (The Times / Sunday Times, article here )

About time.

17 thoughts on “Talking about murder trials …”

  1. No doubt it will be on tv again – getting top ratings just like the OP show. I’m reminded of the old practice in England (and elsewhere) of public execution.

  2. But aren’t all courts open to the public? Justice must be seen to be done etc.

    The press have been reporting trials for years on behalf of the public who aren’t able to attend in person, I don’t quite see the difference.

  3. Morning Soutie: Generally open to the public but it seems that in the US it is forbidden to take photographs in court, newspapers and TV reports only show “artist renderings” of the goings on.

  4. Hi LW, & Jay

    It’s been the same here, this (the Oscar Pistorius case) is the first televised trial that I can recollect.

    The judge granted access to a limited number (3?) of cameras (which I think have to be ‘static) and of course witnesses can opt out of being televised (heard but not seen!)

    The only other ‘trial’ I recall being televised was the King commission which investigated Hanse Cronje’s shenanigans.all those years ago.

    Was the Anni Dewani trial of the taxi driver and ‘hijackers’ televised?

    LW, I recall the OJ and Louise Woodward trials being big hits, they weren’t actors.

  5. G’morgen, Soutie. Yes, I see he is no longer too ill or appealing to Europe.

    You’re quite right: some big trials have become crowd-pullers in the print media but with tv and twitter there’s a new level of interest in the gory details. My view is that ‘open’ trials can only be good – for justice to be seen to be done.

  6. janus :

    Ditto UK.

    Good morning, Janus.

    That’ll be rUK, you are thinking about perhaps?

    In Scotand, ‘Photography, filming and audio recording are not permitted in court without prior approval, including the consent of the judge and all parties to the case. The media may obtain permission if it is felt to be in the public interest.. However, anyone may take written notes in court.’ – extract from ‘Court Room Etiquette published online by the Judiciary of Scotland. So, photographs could be taken if consent was forthcoming.

    The filming of trials has been allowed since 1992, again provided that all parties agree. Suspended since 2012 pending the result of a review ordered by the Lord Advocate but likely to be reinstated in due course.

    In England & Wales, taking photographs in Court was indeed a criminal offence under the Criminal Justice Act 1925 but that’s changing and cameras and recording are now allowed in very limited circumstances. I expect that those circumstances will widen as time passes.

  7. Hi Soutie.

    Zapiro strikes again. The boy is good.

    Bit of a media overload presumably if Dewani does arrive in SA just as the OP trial starts up again?

    More importantly, well done. A deserved win with AB standing in superbly for Faf and playing a true Captain’s part. I hope you go all the way.

  8. Morning Gents, nobody more surprised than me that we’ve glided into the semis, I honestly thought that the 2 qualifiers from our group would be SL & NZ! Now they play later today in a knockout to see who joins us 🙂

    India have qualified from the other group as group winners, Pak & WI face a similar playoff tomorrow.

    Eng & Oz have already booked their flights home.

  9. Dewanis update, my daily read has this to add today …

    TWO Hawks detectives and a registered nurse are likely to accompany Shrien Dewani on a flight back to Cape Town if his extradition goes ahead in a week. He will then be detained in a single cell and formally charged in the presence of his lawyer.

    Details of what will happen to Dewani once he has touched down in Cape Town are contained in court documents.

    About a week ago, the Justice Department announced that Dewani, after nearly 42 months of trying to avoid extradition from the UK, would arrive here on April 8. He is accused of masterminding his wife Anni’s murder, which he allegedly ordered to look like a hijacking gone wrong, in Khayelitsha in 2010.

    In an undertaking by South Africa, dealing with Dewani’s extradition and dated last year, it said Dewani would be flown from the UK to Cape Town on “a direct overnight flight”.

    It said if he were to be denied bail and it was found that he was suffering from mental illness, he would be transferred to the general psychiatric unit at Valkenberg Hospital.

    If Dewani were granted bail and needed care, as outlined in the Mental Health Care Act, and he needed South Africa to provide the care, he would still be transferred to the unit.

    At Dewani’s request, he would sleep in “a single occupancy room”.

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