End of an Era.

Johnny finally acknowledges what we all knew and hangs up his International boots…

To say I have played through four World Cups, two Lions tours, 91 international games and a ridiculous number of injuries and other setbacks gives me an incredibly special feeling of fulfilment.

Not a bad achievement at all, I would hazard to say.

8 thoughts on “End of an Era.”

  1. I was always a fan.

    He was often criticised for his (lack of) vision and distribution but boy could he kick and tackle. Never less than 100%.

    Would England have won the world cup without him, probably not.

    I’ve read that perhaps the reason for his international retirement is that the English Union now insist that to play for England you have to play in England! How backward is that, does it break some EU law or other?

    This image is perhaps the pose that he will always be remembered for, the three things you need to know about kicking, concentration, concentration, concentration πŸ˜‰

  2. Soutie, I think the RFU are seeing so many prospects going off to France and elsewhere to play. Akshully I believe their restriction may be illegal!

  3. I don’t know about the playing in England thing – don’t think you can do that under EUSSR law – not that that’s going to have to much to do with the UK in the near future.

    I should have put this up too, I guess…I watched it in a bar full of Australians too, in HK πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Sipu πŸ™‚

    It’s a comfort to my old age to have that few years to look back on while wondering if English Rugby can drag itself out of the slough of despond it’s in at the moment.

  5. A true professional dedicated to his sport. England would have won in 03 without him, but that takes nothing away from him.
    He should have retired a while back bless him, but he still worked harder than the rest of the rabble that went to NZ.
    I hope he continues within the sport and brings the youngsters up to his standards on and off the field.

    As for not allowing those to play anywhere else….. jolly good idea that works well for NZ……

    Representing your country should not be about money, simples

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