Shipping Out

I’m off on vacation for the next few weeks, starting Monday, heading for sunny Tortola and a little winter warmth, no cell phone, no internet, no worries, should be back about March 6.

In the meantime here is a wee pome for the weather comp.

 Shipping Forecast

It’s a comfort to know, when the barometer’s low
That Malin’s expecting a gale
It’s a long way from me, and somewhere at sea
Where the wind is beginning to wail

And in the same blow is expected some snow
For Hebrides, Bailey, Fair Isle
It’s all one to me, I’m Lundy you see
So I listen to this with a smile

The isles of Faeroe, are in an ice floe
Iceland, Viking and Forties – a fright
Cromarty’s sleet, Forth, Tyne, Dogger are beat
By Fisher’s storm in from the bight.

The Humber/Thames rain will cause Dover pain
And Wight will get little sun
Portland, Plymouth they say will be worse than Biscay
And Trafalgar and Fitzroy are done

The Sole chance for me, is the Irish Sea
Which, with Fastnet, may turn it astray
I’ll stay in the house, be quiet as a mouse
And hope that it all goes away.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

8 thoughts on “Shipping Out”

  1. LW, good evening.

    Personally disappointed to see that your otherwise excellent pome has rock all reference to Rockall. without which no shipping forecast should be complete,

    And, just before you decamp to Tortola in the formerly British [if Wee Salmond,(whom God rot!) has his way] Virgin Islands, could I ask you to correct Stanza 2, Line 2.?

    ‘Hebridies’ are masculine Scottish pasties made from lamb and short crust pastry and should not be confused with the islands of the Hebrides. In my opinion.

    Enjoy your break. Safe out and safe home.

  2. Mr Mackie: Re. Hebridies, someone has got there before me (Soutie? Bearsy?). I admit to the exclusion of Rockall, the pome would have required two (at least) additional verses to include it and Shannon both. Now concerning South and North Uitshire, with these I could do nothing, the muse was not forthcoming, squire? Tyre? fire? aspire? It’s poetic license of course, of the fully paid up kind.

  3. Asvery Viking knows it’s Utsire, not Utshire! We are particularly sensitive because we suffer from being ranked as German Bight. 😦

  4. Janus: ‘Twas all Heligoland (sp) when I last listened, now even Finisterre is all finished. The aforesaid license extends well beyond the rhyming.

  5. I do wish they would stop changing the name of everywhere every five minutes.
    I came across Transnistria the other day, had absolutely no idea where they were talking about. It transpired to be Transdneiper under another name, personally I would have been happier with the border of Dacia and Scythia!

    Wherever this wretched place is (I bet the Virgin Islands was a misnomer in the first place!) I hope you return safely without catching anything! (except fish!)

  6. Mrs. O. Good morning. Nothing much virginal about the Virgin Islands, it is all down to Columbus who, upon spotting the easternmost island called it Virgin Gorda in Spanish (roughly the fat girl) because in profile it reminded him of a supine fat lady (One should bear in mind that he had been several months at sea).

  7. Thanks for the laugh LW, we obviously have thoughts on the same track! (Or wrong side of tracks), now you be careful how you lay down on that fat lady!
    Have a good one.

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