My Friend Bill

Well this is a tough one.

Some time ago I promised some of you a  picture of myself, well here I am.

nup s

The occasion was my recent wedding, both I and my bride have been widowed, me for three years and Deb for more than ten (Steve died of pancreatic cancer at 40).

This is our wedding reception, catered by yours truly (I roasted a whole hog on the nuclear pig cooker in my back yard).  I’m the one in the middle with the apron and the Octoberfest hat (well it was October) Deborah, my new bride is to my left.

On the left is Bill and on the right is Nancy, good friends and great neighbors.  Bill is an ex-US navy diver, tough as a piece of chewed string and an all round good guy, he built a forty foot sailboat from scratch in his backyard and he and Nancy sailed it 30,000 miles in a period of ten years after he retired, that kind of spirit.

Just before we left on this trip Bill was not feeling well, he’s 80 and had the energy and stamina of a thirty year old, but he told me he thought he was suffering from allergies, difficult breathing and stuffed up sinus etc.

 A few days after we left Maryland he went to the hospital, stage four Pancreatic cancer they told him.  A death sentence, Steve (Deb’s husband lasted 15 months but he was in his thirties)

 Bill died today.

 He was a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great grandfather, but to me he was simply my best friend, a man you could absolutely rely on for your life if that was at risk, a rock, a source of learning and knowledge that come only from a lifetime of testing ones limits.

 We are going to take this old boat and find a marina that will rent us a slip for a week or so, and rent a car and drive back to Maryland.  There we will say goodbye to our best friend and when he is at rest we will come back here and continue this journey.

Goodbye for now.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

11 thoughts on “My Friend Bill”

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Backhanded, but I am glad your best friend went fast, pancreatic cancer is not good to go slow.
    My best wishes and thoughts for you all.

  2. I am glad you have found yourself another mate and hope you will be happy together, but am very sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences.

  3. LW – thanks for sharing the picture. I hope your journey to say ‘goodbye’ is unrushed, eventful and rewarding. With Bill in your thoughts i don’t think it could be any other way – and very best wishes for your continued boat adventure. In an odd way you may find that Bill is sharing the journey too. You speak very well of Bill – a good guy indeed!

  4. Lovely photo, LW, and I’m delighted to hear about you and Deb getting together.

    Not so about the death of your good friend, Bill. How very sad for you. Please accept my condolences to you and Deb and Nancy and his family.

    I’m sure you will miss him greatly and he sounds like a real character.

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