Boat Trip

I have been busy these last few weeks putting the boat in good order, a few changes but mostly heavy maintenance items.  Our bottoms are newly cleaned and painted so we are ready for the off.

Planning to do what I call “The Northern Loop”.  

Up the Chesapeake Bay and through the C and D Canal to Delaware Bay then down to Cape May, then (something a bit tricky) offshore for 200 miles to New York City Harbor, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island etc.   Probably spend a few days and several million dollars there before heading up the Hudson River for about two hundred miles to Troy, New York (entering classical country there) into the Erie Canal and via Rome, Utica, and Syracuse finishing on Lake Ontario at Oswego (about 300 miles).  Across Lake Ontario to Kingston, Ontario, Canada and into the Rideau Canal system to Ottawa (120 miles).  Probably spend some serious time in the Capital visiting old friends and then on the Ottawa River for a trip to Montreal back into the Saint Lawrence then, north again to Sorel, Quebec for the entrance of the Richleau River/Canal system, South then via the Richleau Canal to Lake Champlain (US again) and 150 miles South down the lake to the Hudson River again, then back to New York City, outside New Jersey to Cape May and back home via Delaware and Chesapeake Bays.

About 1600 miles, two countries, five states, two provinces, four canals, 89 locks and about 80 days of traveling (counting rest stops and waiting for weather).

Planning to leave first week of June should be back mid August.

Here’s a wee map, There is not, as it would appear, a new lake on the border of Quebec and Maine.  It is a water stain which appeared due to the heat of the scanner.  The cautious red line is the proposed route, (He spits reverentially to leeward to appease the sea Gods).

 I will have an internet connection underway (for reporting purposes) and I am trying to set up a webcam on the boat so the world can watch as I bang into barges/lock walls/other boaters in various Countries.

 Good opportunities for wall banging and total embarrassment here.  The flight of eight locks from the Rideau Canal down to the Ottawa River right in the middle of the city of Ottawa, The Chateau Laurier Hotel is the big building  on the left, out of sight to the right are the Parliament Buildings, always lots of spectators about.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

15 thoughts on “Boat Trip”

  1. Looking forward to the webcam, will it be pay per view or will you be allowing a select few (me) free access? 😉

  2. ‘G’morgen, Soutie mate! (Nautical greeting) I’ll sneek a peek too, if poss.

  3. Wow – how exciting. What an adventure. I have been to Maryland and Delaware. My Scottish host (and a good sailor) took me out onto the Bay (well I think it was before we got to the Bay, outside Ocean City, and we ran/motored into very shallow water, missing I think the signals of the buoys. I was asked to crawl below deck to the front of the craft to balance the boat and keep the blades/propeller from finding the bottom. A bit scary for me but paddling or piddling for you!

    Bon voyage and of course we shall all follow your adventures.

  4. This sounds like great fun. Bon voyage and don’t fall in!

  5. Morning all. Thanks for the good wishes I’ll probably need them all.

    Hello Soutie: I plan a webcam streaming video via a dedicated computer to an open/free website (a I have the website and the bits but have not yet tackled the upload and timing, I will probably update the picture every minute or so to try to limit the data usage, if anyone has any experience of this type of setup I would appreciate any help that can be offered, at this thread or to

    Hello JHLeck, Welcome to the Chariot, I don’t think we have met. The boat is a 44 foot trawler which I purchased in Florida and brought about 1,000 miles up the ICW to Maryland back in the Spring of 2011.

    There are lots of boring posts regarding that trip starting here

    and every few days thereafter, probably much more than you will ever want to know.

    Hello PPG: Running aground is part of the package, if you have never done it you are not doing enough boating.

  6. How exciting! You are a very lucky chap, LW. Bon voyage and have lots of fun and fair weather.

  7. Thanks for the welcome LW, She (the boat) reminds me of a purse seiner out of Seattle that I did a couple of trips on, fishing for salmon in Puget Sound.
    Like you, my love is/was primarily sail but the passage of time gets to us all in the end! The final decent sail was to deliver a yacht from Prickly Bay in Grenada up to St Georges in Bermuda. It was about 1500 miles of tropical island hopping. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

  8. LW, I note it is the Erie, not Eire Canal (see map. Beware Irish pirates! 🙂

  9. Morning LW

    Re the web cam issue, I’m sure that there has to be a ton of free advice on the internet re setting then up, after all I understand that a lot of young ladies manage it without apparently even leaving their bedrooms! 😉

  10. LW: Re. your photographic setup:

    It is probably a bit too late for this trip, but for future reference, maybe you could knock something up yourself using a Raspberry Pi.

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