Phew! Nearly a choke…..but the trophy is All Black!

Well done France for making a great tight match. I didn’t enjoy it one bit!


11 thoughts on “Phew! Nearly a choke…..but the trophy is All Black!”

  1. I guess finals are never pretty, and as several have said, last week was the real final anyway, but take nothing away from the French – they did a fantastic job. I can only admire the physical and mental toughness of all four semi-finalists. Brilliant defence all round

    The monkey is off the kiwi nation’s back at last! 😀

  2. And well done the SA referee too. Disappointed in the english moaning ex-captain Dallalgio in the UK telly’s commentary saying all through the game that CJ was biased to the ABs.

  3. Hardly a good advert for the game of Rugby Union, and it was won because one kicker was not quite as bad as his opposite number. Also, the reffing was again absolutely dreadful and biased to the home side.

  4. cuprum426 :

    several have said, last week was the real final

    Certainly not me!

    I wasn’t able to watch much of the game (I have other commitments which even a RWC final can’t interfere with, perhaps if the Bokke were playing a plan could have been made), I did see bits of the first half and the final quarter.

    Well done to the ABs.

    It was nowhere near as one sided as pundits expected (finals rarely are) so well done to the French for winning the possession, territory and turnover stats, they did far more than ‘merely turn up’ and from what I saw surprised all (including me!)

  5. FEEG #4 – I agree it wasn’t be best advert, one for the purists who understand the defensive side of the game which isn’t always pleasing to the eye. The kicking has been poor by all teams over the RWC, mainly due to the new design of ball by Gilbert that has spectacularly failed. However, I do challenge your opinion of the referee, I think you listen too much to the sour miserable negative Dallalgio. Maybe at best one missed high tackle, but no other errors that I saw. A SA ref bias towards NZ….you don’t understand Southern Hemisphere sports at all my friend!

    Soutie – hear hear! That’s the thing about stats – you can be top of the league for them, but unless you convert your opportunities, you’ll lose. As seen by SA against Aus, Wales against France and Scotland against Arg and Eng.

    All in all a slightly disappointing WC for me, there’s just too much riding on the results now the game has been professional for 15 years. ABs worthy winners, just.

    Now, my money’s on Australia in four years time….any takers? 😀

  6. Cuprum:

    I agree with your comments about a good defensive game, but given the world’s population continuing decrease in attention span and desire for instant gratification, it did not rate highly. I know Dallaligio moaned a lot about the referee, but he always did. This ref has ruined several England test matches by allowing far too much skullduggery around the back row and in the tight scrums. He missed quite a few high tackles, mainly but not entirely, from the All Blacks, as well as a lot of joining the ruck from the side, all of which slows the game down. We will have to differ on this aspect of the game.

    You cannot blame the players for this, As I know all too well from my rugby career, you get away with what you can!

  7. Well, I thought it was a great game. The Froggies turned up with their rugby heads on and missed out by a short head. Credit to NZ for hanging on – now there’s a surprise 🙂

  8. There’s a poll in the Telegraph asking ‘Did the best team win on the night?’ The voting is running at ‘No’ nearly 70%. Funny, that, the best team ‘on the night,’ is the one that scored most points…

  9. FEEG #7 – I see where you’re coming from and we could chat all day I’m sure! I don’t think from your #7 comments we’re too far away from agreeing!

    Bravo – shows how little the Torygraph readers know about rugby! No, seriously, you make a valid point, surely the better team always wins by definition. But, it saddens me that there is such an anti-southern hemisphere attitude in the followers of rugby here, personified by Dallalgio’s commentary. Yes, didn’t the French do well, and if I had been neutral I would have really enjoyed the game, but come on, the ABs are the best team in the world by a country mile. Look at the skills, fitness, mental toughness and technical know-how individually and collectively (I cite counter-rucking as a perfect example of all of those attributes I’ve listed) – they deserve to get the W-E cup in their mitts.

    Alas, I suspect they huge sigh of relief around 5 million kiwis will mean a few years of dropping standards.

    Meanwhile (Sipu, where are you?), the RFU continues to copy Cricket Australia as how to not run a sport – I wonder who will replace Jonno as coach – lets hope Mallet or Kirwin get the job – they’ll make England competitive again.

    Looking forward to the new quad-nations next summer, bring on the super 15 and Harlequins for the Aviva Premiership!

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