Bugger educating the kids, let’s give the Windsors a little gift

Our wonderful Education Secretary, a minister in HM’s government Michael Gove, has suggested that the nation give the happy couple a gift for the Jubilee this year.

(Hang on, didn’t we have a Jubilee only 10 years ago? Why another one already? He’s nearly dead and she must be getting a little knackered, give her a rest poor love!)

What a lovely thought bless him. So what might that be you wonder?

BBC linky thing here.

Hey – a new yacht costing £60 million. Fantastic idea – especially when cuts are being made everywhere, including the stopping of building any new schools – a policy Mr Gove brought in within minutes of being given teh education portfolio.

Now, I know I am in a clear minority of one here, and out of not wanting to be abused too much I resisted the temptation earlier in the year to rant when the plans for the Jubilee celebrations were revealed in deference to you all, but this has made my blood boil.

If they want a chuffing yacht, let them bloody well buy one. Quite what use it would be for them, who knows. I’m sure Charlie would love to inherit it, amd then William and Harry can take it out for a whizz with champagne and bikini clad wenches. I see Charlie and Anne are in full support. Of course they bloody are. Not if they had to pay for it and its upkeep, I bet.

And we wonder why we’re not a world power any more……

I see they pollies are trying to make an argument that it would be good for business and increase our standing in the world (really?). And even if public money isn’t spent on a yacht, it would be a lasting legacy to HMQ’s significant reign. Can’t she have a bloody statue like everyone else?

And what is worse, how out of touch are the elected politicians? Even if funded by private money, what place this in today’s austere times? It’s bad enough the country is spending at least 500 million quid on the Jubilee, including a diamond encrusted converted barge for HMQ to wave at us along the Thames (ooo, I’m so grateful), never mind the cost to industry for another chuffing bank holiday that I know you’ll all shout at me for as you did last year for wotsit and Katie’s wedding, but per-lease, get a grip! You can’t keep telling us to tighten our belts for the good of the economy and then show the world we are happy to give on OAP couple a brand spanking £60 million gift.

I’d nearly rather it went to the EU. Nearly. Or even Scotland. (erm, no, maybe not) How about a new school in Guildford, that’ll be fair to all the tax-payers there for a change. Or even, how about building a decent nuclear power station or two or training a few doctors and nurses to speak english?

What a shit hole this country has become, with the pollies leading from the front. Grrrrr.

And before you predictable Royalists shout at me, I have no axe to grind at Elizabeth on this one. She’s not asking for it (the yacht that is). I’m not proposing she be gotten rid of (this time), it is the pathetic kow-towing and utter two-facedness of the pollies that I’m angry with.

24 thoughts on “Bugger educating the kids, let’s give the Windsors a little gift”

  1. It strikes me as sick nonsense. Bad enough to continue with a monarchy, but £60 million that could feed and clothe the poor, or buy the drugs to give a cancer sufferer in the wrong postcode a chance at life – a total decadent, uncaring waste of money showing contempt for the citizenry whose taxes pay for this.

    I didn’t know about the £500 million for the jubilee – are your serious? If you are, it’s disgusting.

    Talk about the “Decline and fall of the Roman Empire” If Lizzy Windsor and Phil the Greek had any scrap of residual decency, they would make it clear that they would accept neither.

  2. Bearsy :

    but £60 million that could feed and clothe the poor,

    Ah Bearsy, you sound just like Judas berating Jesus, when Mary Magdalene anointed his feet with oil. I am with Jesus on this one. ‘The poor will always be with us.’

    Seriously, though, ignore the fact that the ship would be destined for use by the Queen and Royal Family. Think of it as a vessel for the head of state. Britain is a maritime nation. It was the sea that made Britain great. A yacht would represent the country’s history and would be a tremendous marketing tool for GB Plc. Not as flashy as a jumbo jet, but probably a lot cheaper and more prestigious. When the Royal Yacht steams into Sydney, Auckland, New York, Cape Town, Dubai, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Kiel, Vladivostok, Hong Kong or any number of ports around the world, people will take notice. The media will be there, the crowds will be there. Whether it is an elected president or a monarch on board representing the UK, people will pay attention and think it way cooler than a Eurobus landing at some military airbase.

    It is not really a lot of money, at £1 per head of population, and it is not as if it is being spent on a one off party. The ship will be a valuable asset in real terms. As for spending that money on education, until the system is changed at grass roots level, it would be merely throwing good money after bad. Far more money is spent on education in the UK than many other countries that produce better academic results. It is not about money, it is about attitude. Same with medicine. As for cancer drugs, lets be honest, the cancer industry is one of the biggest Ponzi schemes known to society, perpetrated by drug companies, charities, medical professionals, layers and politicians. They feed on the desperation of the dying and their families sucking in money to feed their avaricious habit. Billions of £s are spent every year on treating people who are going to die of cancer. There is no sure cure for the disease and as often as not survival is in spite of treatment rather than because of it. That really is money that could be better spent elsewhere. When I see the suffering and heartache caused by people who have been give the false hope that they will survive or at least have a comfortable few more years, I get really angry.

    With the attitude of not spending money on prestigious projects because it could be better spent on worthy projects like health and education, we would not have St Pauls, or Westminster Abbey, or the Palace of Westminster, or many museums and a host of other wonderful buildings and projects. Kew Gardens and Hyde Park could be sold and developed into shopping malls or housing for Somali refugees. I sometimes wonder if you guys do not belong in Cromwell’s Puritan England.

    Raise Britain’s pride and self esteem and the whole country will rise with it. I believe an amazing yacht would raise Britain’s profile in eyes of many and would add a touch of class to a country that has been demeaned by petty, envious and small minded politicians and citizens for too long. If you want people to respect you, you dress smartly and well, stand up straight and look them in the eye when you speak to them. You don’t shuffle around in cheap, dirty clothes, scuffed shoes looking at the ground. What damages Britain more than anything is the divisive sneering nature of so many of its citizens, its media and its politicians. The anti-everything brigade. There is too much envy in Britain, and I think it is a nasty trait.

  3. 1. Gove did not suggest in his leaked letter that any public money should be spent on a Royal Yacht. As your own link clearly shows, he was lending his support to the Future Ship Project for the 21st Century which does not, as you will see, involve any public funding and seems to me to be something which is well worth supporting and associating with Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It is that project which Charles and Anne are supporting and not a Royal Yacht per se. Despite what you think, I believe that the proposed ship would be good for business, youth training, trade and promoting our image abroad. If it is associated with the Jubilee, so much the better.

    2. Please note the ‘Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee’. This is a celebration of the 60th anniversivary of her accession to the throne and nothing to do with her husband apart from the fact that he has been a superb consort for her through all those years. I am happy to have the chance to celebrate the years of dedicated service which Elizabeth II (and I in Jockland) has given to her people, both in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and throughout the Commonwealth. I am sure that millions of my fellow countrymen will share my sentiment. I am sorry that you and others choose not to.

    3. When the Coalition came to power, they stopped the unaffordable ‘Building Schools for the Future’ with which the Labour government was trying to bribe the electorate in the hope of winning another term. They did not stop the refurbishment or replacement of schools as you allege = ‘300 schools to be built’. I am no great fan of PFI, which was a typical New Labour wheeze, but it is simply not true to say that new schools are not being built.

    4. I am sure that Her Majesty will have the odd statue erected to her after her death and why not? She has been a good thing, in my opinion.

    5. Where does your £500 million figure for the Diamond Jubilee come from? Google has failed me so far. Even the ‘diamond encrusted converted barge’ which is so upsetting you is not being paid for by us. ‘Queen “sensitive” towards public paying’. In fact, we will be making a profit on the Pageant unless the Government waives the £2 million VAT. And an extra public holiday to celebrate only the second such Diamond Jubilee in the history of our country strikes me as perfectly reasonable to celebrate this happy event.

    6. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion but I continue to believe that my country is not a ‘shit hole’. I appreciate that you do and are preparing your exit strategy. Bon voyage.

    To be fair, I am not in a good mood, so sorry for being a bit grumpy. I have been watching England whilst I type. At least it wasn’t by an innings.

  4. Bugrit. No 2. ”anniversary’.

    More importantly and unforgiveably my apologies for not wishing you a Good New Year before I got stuck in, cuprum. Have a smiley thing as further apology.

  5. I don’t think there is much to say either, Janus, but for different reasons. 😉

    Sipu and Mr Mackie have just about said it all, and extremely well, in my opinion.

  6. I’m sure you accept, Cuprum, that if it wasn’t for the bitter little class warriors of Neu-Arbeit who got the previous Royal Yacht decommissioned with no replacement a mere six months after gaining power, the question wouldn’t even arise.


  7. Cuprum: let’s make a trade. I’ll send you Obama, you send me the Windsors.
    Mind you, you will have someone who is supposed to be leading the country going off on
    golf holidays every other week and his wife who can’t manage two months without going
    on holiday bringing her hundreds of best friends and servants with her, naturally with
    maximum security at high-end resorts at the taxpayer’s expense. If that isn’t suitable,
    I can always send you Christian Wulff. Perhaps you’d prefer Sarkozy? I’m in full support
    of Mr Mackie on this.

  8. Lobinho: exactly. It amazes me how well republicans deceive themselves when they think
    that a republican government will somehow me more responsible or responsible. It’s a folly that’s
    made itself obvious again and again since the 18th century. France isn’t better off, the USA isn’t better
    off, Germany isn’t better off. Neither are Austria, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Libya, or Iran.

  9. Christopher – President Blair and President Brown. Can you imagine the horror of one of those smarming down from the presidential yacht (for there surely would be one funded by the ‘grateful’ taxpayer) or a similarly financed Blair Force One?


  10. I am also a bit short at the moment. The new primary election cycle has started and I am well and fully sick of it already, hence my even stauncher disdain of all things related to republican notions. No insult was intended.

  11. Lobinho: there are several presidential yachts, actually. There is also Marine 1, the president’s personal helicopter. There are also presidential retreats and should the president choose to go on holiday, or for that matter, any member of his immediate family the entire area would by law be shut down. The president, as well as his immediate family, are also barred by law from flying on commercial aircraft. They must take one of the presidential aircraft, sea-craft, or if going by land, motorcade. It was amusing when Barry and Michelle went off to New York City for an intimate dinner and an entire wing of the airport was shut down for hours to accommodate them. Everyone else had to wait for them to finish.

    Politicians everywhere are brethren. They do not so much belong to their countries as they belong to their class, their new family. Perhaps in the beginning, when they are young and idealistic, they might refrain from some of the excesses of power. As time goes by, however, the elixir of power and privilege corrupts them. A British president would be no less sleazy an a US, French, or German. To think otherwise is idealistic. In fact, security concerns would quickly give him/her cause to abandon any pretext of being one of the people, of egalitarianism, and lead to him/her of having his/her own private modes of transportation.
    He/she would then no longer have to bow down to anyone, no longer have to ask permission of anyone before addressing her/him. He/she would have the final say. It is as Churchill well said, it’s not the power the crown yields that is important, it’s the power that the crown denies to others.

  12. Fellow charioteers, predictable that you all are, but thank you for your comments – I did expect your diatribes, as I said, I am in a minority and I know it. However, I fundamentally disagree with kow-towing and cap doffing to anyone – especially an institution of privilege. However funded, why should they benefit from such luxury when they have so much already? I’m not jealous for I have no wish to be in their position, but it seems just morally wrong to me.

    For those Royalists amongst you, please take note my last paragraph above where I was NOT advocating the abolishment of the blue bloods, nor do I even want to go down the tired and boringly predicable route of the chants of “President Blair or Brown”. That clearly wasn’t the point of my blog and I won’t respond to those comments that have no relevance on this subject and are quite frankly churlish. 😉

    Thank you to JM for at least being grown up about it, thank you, a HNY to you too and your clan. You reply with your usual calm eloquence – I watched the England calamity this morning too – I kept saying after every wicket, ah well, at least the next batsman can get a double century but they didn’t hear me I guess! 😀

    Back to your points – I think you’ll find Gove did originally want public money spent on it – only after he’d been gently poked by others did he retract his opinion.

    The 60 year Jubilee is a little soon after the last one really, but do carry on and celebrate if you wish, just don’t ask anyone else to pay for it please. As I said – I have no axe to grind with Elizabeth.

    The stopping of schools being built is a political one, not a financial one, and Gove was quite adamant about his not wanting to pay for fresh schools in Labour areas. I’m no Labour apologist, far from it, but he made cuts for political reasons, so for me is a typical pollie, a hypocrite that is after a knighthood, peerage or garter.

    The figure is one I have read somewhere, apologies for not having the link. I believe it took into account the cost to business for lost trade and extra wages for a needless day off. (A debate we had last year over the wedding so let us not repeat the same noises)

    But JM, I do apologise by suggesting the country is a sh*t-hole, I mean no offence and I shall temper my language. Yes, I’d rather be elsewhere but I do think many things are wrong here, but I am grateful for it employing me.

    The £60 million, whether supplied by private enterprise or not, would still result in the Tax payer forking out for its staffing and maintenance.

    OZ – the arguments for getting rid of the last one are surely still valid even now.

    Sipu – I simply don’t agree that a yacht would be a great marketing tool for UK plc or raise esteem and pride – it’s just a boat! Look at the image of the UK around the world without your rose tinted specs and smell the coffee. An old and tired attitude I’m afraid, too late to add a touch of class really. Plus – having such an attitude over class is again a little 19th Century isn’t it?

    Janus – please contribute…. I can handle it!

  13. I’m glad to see that JM corrected your statement about Michael Gove, Cuprum. If I, as a private individual, wish to contribute a couple of quid to a nice present for HM, whose job I would not wish to have, then I will do so without feeling I am depriving the “deserving poor”, if we have any. If I wish to contribute to saving tigers or whales rather than the starving in Somalia, then I will do so. And no nagging will change my mind because we live in a democracy and I can spend my pocket money as I wish.

    Christopher, your 15 is excellent. Many presidents have demonstrated that they are not really anything to write home about. Wulff is not covering himself or his position in glory at the moment and let’s not think of Sarkozy.

  14. I think it unacceptable that republicans can take a pop at HMQ because she has little constitutional power these days (although decades of experience) and never sought her position anyway unlike the self-important, leftist politicians and public servants with their snouts deep in the public purse.

    The Churchill quote is excellent and so apt.


  15. Cuprum – Let’s just agree to disagree shall we?. Neither of us is ever going to convince the other on this, no matter how much we write or argue. I am proud to be a subject of Her Majesty – more so even than having one of these horrible, new red UK passports and the idea of becoming a ‘citizen of the Socialist Republic of Europe’ is absolutely abhorrent. In the latter case I would definitely cash in and push off back to Brisbane or the Land of the Long White Cloud.


  16. I must admit that even though I appreciate it would have been privately funded, it does strike me as rather the last straw.
    Public money has been/will be poured with profligacy into these bloody Olympics, a Jubilee, a high speed high cost rail link, a new airport, increasing foreign aid and now a new boat?
    Enough already!
    Strikes me that the priorities are all wrong throughout the country.
    Too many of the taxpayers in the country seem to be on the brink of fuel poverty and hardly being able to feed and house themselves, needless to say most of them are white, employed and/or old.
    Not that I blame QEII, she appears to have an understanding, it is the politicians and wealthy hangers on, all on the make and those scum on the take.

    Time for the scythes and flambeau! The people of Britain need to emerge from their supine stupor.

  17. Cuprum: I’m not sure I understand your point about how Britain is seen in the world.
    It is the 2nd most popular country in the world, only Germany is viewed more fondly and
    her majesty is one of the world’s most popular figures. Even in the USA over 60pc hold positive
    views of her, much, much higher than Obama. She’s also been consistently popular. Most people I know who’ve gone to the UK also liked the country and would be happy to return. This includes Chinese, US, Japanese, Taiwanese, German, Danish, Korean, Brazilian, Hong Kong, and Canadian citizens.

  18. Not only should we stop foreign aid, Christina, but we should stop any aid to foreigners in Britain. Most of them are unemployed and unemployable. I would aid them into the back of a lorry for the trip home though. The amount these parasites cost the British taxpayers makes the price of a royal yacht look like small change.

  19. Sheona Tell me about it!
    Just seen the headline in the Telegraph, 370,000 wogs collecting all the benefits, mostly illegally!
    Lets commission a slave ship not a yacht for repatriation of same and then give it to the Queen!
    Might as well get some value for money!!!

    Dammit, why doesn’t the keyboard have inane quantities of multiple exclamation marks?
    How long are the whites going to keep coughing up for this?
    What is wrong with them?

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