Queueing – Only in England!

Fellow Charioteers, please allow me a small rant of a laughable nature. I shall try to be brief, but would be interested in any similar ludicrous examples if you have any!

No.1 daughter needed a new passport for her holiday to Tenerife next week – not surprisingly as a 15 year old she left getting the photos until the last minute thus meaning I had to make an appointment and attend the delightful rural backwater of Peterborough where there’s a regional passport office on a day off. Ho hum, I don’t mind wasting a day off for her, that’s what parents do, apparently. Continue reading “Queueing – Only in England!”

Fundamentalists – they’re all barking!

The Islamists get a lot of bad press these days, invariably rightly so. One argument often put forth is that it is an uncivilised religion several hundred years behind christianity – hence it is somewhat barbaric in its attitudes.

However, that may suggest that judaism should be very civilised as it is a few thousand years older than even christianity. It appears not. This article shows how mad mullahs are everywhere, no matter the label.

Linky thing to BBC article here

Three points – surely Judaism doesn’t believe in reincarnation? I thought that was the Buddhists, and I don’t recall it mentioned in the old testament.

Secondly – get local children to carry out the sentence of stoning the said guilty dog? How can a religion support the killing of a dumb animal unless for food or sustenance?

Thirdly – dogs are impure animals? What makes one pure? I’d rather have dogs around me than these rabbis!

Using the wrong WC has its consquences….

I came across this article the other day – it made me glad to be in Mother England. Then I wondered….what would happen if I used the queen’s little room…..(I have cut and pasted rather than done a linky thing, hope you don’t mind)

A Zimbabwean police officer arrested for using president Robert Mugabe’s private toilet has been jailed for 10 days, it was reported on Thursday.
A court found that DS Alois Mabhunu yielded to the call of nature and forced his way past guards to a loo reserved for 87-year-old Mugabe at a recent trade show.
“He was convicted by an internal police court and sentenced to 10 days in prison,”
But Mabhunu has appealed to the national police commissioner, Augustine Chihuri, to overturn the verdict, the station added.
“He has been convicted and sentenced to 10 days in prison by the police court but has since made an appeal to the police commissioner soon after conviction,” said a source quoted by VOP.
Mabhunu, a murder detective, has also been demoted and transferred to a different police station, though he will remain in the city of Bulawayo. He is no longer allowed to wear plain clothes and expected to report for duty in full uniform.
The incident happened at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) early last month. According to VOP, Bulawayo police would only say that Mabhunu’s case was “an internal matter”.
Zimbabweans get in Mugabe’s way at their peril. Several motorists are said to have been assaulted by his security personnel for not giving way to the presidential motorcade.

Vive La Difference!

Christopher – I saw this and thought of you – interestingly I think you understand the British/Aussie humour rather well! It made me chuckle and thought the chariot would enjoy it too

Linky thing from the BBC today discussing the differences between the English and German use of language – Apparently the Germans don’t have a word for ‘small talk’! Crikey!


The House of Lords….what’s the point?

We have recently touched on the Upper House in previous blogs, and we’re eagerly awaiting a Cromwell blog from Araminta. Boadicea has given us an excellent education in the important structure of how we came to be as we are legislature-wise, and I am always trying to learn a little more. The House of Lords has been an institution that I never quite understood, and so have kept quiet as I try to gather information, until now as I am a little confused. Continue reading “The House of Lords….what’s the point?”

For Donald…he’s not the only prophet of doom!

As a firm believer in anything to do with the end of the world and a confirmed disciple of the great wisdom of ‘our Donald’, I was astonished to find someone else predicting the end of the world…again!

Apparently we have until 6pm on the 21st May to tell our loved ones all our inner most thoughts. Anyone know why the numbers 5, 10 and 17 are particularly holy? This prophet seems to be profiting quite nicely out of this “end of the world is nigh” malarkey without having to resort to selling bottles of air or water!

He has been wrong before though….just like Donald! I still believe in you Donald, I won’t defect to his cult 😀

And for a change, not a BBC link from me! Fantasy, sorry, Story link here

Several stops short of Upminster as I say to many of the people I see at work. (Barking…for those that don’t know the Underground map!)