You’ve got to love the world of text messaging

Although I am not a fan of technology, I do have an “unsmart” phone on which I receive text messages (or SMS if you will).

Within seven, yes seven minutes of the announcement of Fabio Capello’s resignation, my phone vibrated and produced:

“Fabio isn’t the first Italian to abandon a sinking ship – two in two months!”

Made me chuckle! Perhaps technology isn’t all bad after all šŸ˜€

One thought on “You’ve got to love the world of text messaging”

  1. It does have its uses Cuprum, but no, I hate the world of text messaging and smart phones, but then I would be less than excited to hear about Fabio.

    No one has yet decided to communicate anything urgent to my mobile by such means. It’s normally turned off, or it needs charging.

    I’m a Luddite. šŸ˜¦

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