What a nice idea for an article – well done Auntie!

In this year of the Olympics (I’m yawning already and have booked my holiday to Turkey for the first week – and I’m a sports fan!) I was delighted to see this article on the Beeb website and I thought immediately – where would my fellow Charioteers, who all have UK connections, choose?

Read this first and then add your choices!

I’ll start with the Peak District – especially Bakewell and the Monsal Trail. Just for its simple breathtaking beauty.

8 thoughts on “What a nice idea for an article – well done Auntie!”

  1. Howzit Cuprum

    Well, I for one am just the opposite!

    I am one of those few fortunates who has watched all 3 world cups right here in my home town, there’s not many can say that, London perhaps can’t think of anywhere else!

    I am of course talking Rugby, Cricket and Football.

    I’d be trying to get into London for the Olympics, not out! I know that it’s fashionable for some to say “who cares?” Not I.

    (My daughter has even watched England in a football world cup match, I’m sure that she’ll thank me one day :))

  2. I wish I was the opposite Soutie! When the bid was won, I got very excited! But, it has been a case of overkill here.The build up has been a lengthy 6 year process and I’m bored of it already!

    I have loved the Olympics in the past, many a happy late night or early morning. Indeed, Atlanta ’96 was special as I spent most nights that month watching it until the early hours whilst feeding and burping my first born!

    I am a little weary of it all, and just a little concerned from the terrorist point of view. I’d love to go see some of the events, but the hassle and complication of the ticket buying and selling – which is a complete lottery from what I can see as well as being stoooopidly expensive combined with the threat of being blown up has put me off.

    If I lived where you do, I too would have gone to see all three – with soccer being the least preferred of course! And I expect you are correct – I cannot think of any other city to hold all three. (Aussie will eventually get a soccer one)

    So, no “don’t care” attitude here, honest guv! But, a nice break from it 😀

  3. You have actually booked a holiday abroad for the first week of the olympics she asks incredulously?
    Good luck getting through the airports. Have you checked what is holding the ears apart?

    Nobody in their right mind would touch the whole place for months, premium airfares, overcrowded everywhere, transport disrupted, prices gouged, endless drooling PC crap on all media.
    The only thing to be done if you are unfortunate enough to be there throughout the gigantic waste of money is padlock the gates and cut the plug off the TV!

    Oh you might check the neighbour who no longer has her home help and see if she is still alive!

    With any luck they’ll have an outbreak of Ebola, Lassa or SARS at least that would provide a minimum of entertainment and redemption.

  4. CO – absolutely – getting out of the UK the day after the opening ceremony will be a breeze – and we chose Brum airport to come back to as it is only a short train ride away.

    Anyhoo – any suggestions for places to visit in the UK?

  5. Cuprum, I’ll go with your Derbyshire. Ashbourne, Dove Dale, Chatsworth. We lived right there.

  6. I’d just lurk at home in Pembrokeshire, so much better than the Gower which is far too crowded, beaches have people on them in the Gower!

  7. CO, I do agree that the last place to visit this summer is the UK. Luckily our impending move gives us the perfect excuse for staying away!

  8. I know! I’ve got to get back to the UK as a witness in a trial this year, just hoping and praying it isn’t this summer. I am pondering if they will adjourn if I can’t get there, I suspect that the planes will be full already.
    As I am the ‘star’ witness they really can’t have it without me anyway, video testimony?
    (Not sure Whatcom county is quite that far advanced, we do have electricity but……………………..)

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