Last rugby post, I promise!

I attach a link to an article from the BBC (sorry, I just don’t have time to go elsewhere!) that I think may help explain the reason for the passionate way the nation of New Zealand have a national religion….rugby union.

Linky thing

It is a very good article that perhaps even other sports mad nations like Australia may learn why such a small nation can be such a consistent top performer.

I beg any charioteers who aren’t perhaps that fond of sport to read the article, it shows how the old adage of ‘all New Zealanders have one of two ambitions, to be an All Black, or be married to one’ is an accurate and fair reflection of a whole nation! And the women in NZ are as mad as the men when it comes to Rugby!

My first game as a spectator in NZ will remain with me forever – the passion, knowledge and whole experience was nothing like I had experienced before. I had played rugby for years including at The Stoop and Twickenham, watched World Cup matches in Australia, Wales and England, followed and played local club rugby in England since aged 11, played League and Union in Australia and even got up at stupid o’clock to watch Super Rugby from SA, Aus and NZ, but nothing prepared me for living in NZ and seeing how the game I love is so much more to a nation than any other sport. I thought I was a fan of the game – I realise now that being a fan can mean so much more. As I watch the Pommie cricketers be thrashed by India again, I see the same passion and religious fervour in the Indian fans. Nothing comes close to it and it puts to shame the childish chest beating world of soccer.

It is simply their culture. Haka or no haka, Maori or no Maori.

4 thoughts on “Last rugby post, I promise!”

  1. Ha ha

    My wife and I (OK we weren’t married then) were at Ellis Park when the Cavaliers did the Haka for us.

    My mate and I had been to the Durban test and the Loftus one, we couldn’t afford to go to Cape Town, but hey, 3 out of 4 wasn’t bad!

    The Cavaliers wouldn’t do the Haka, ’cause they weren’t an official tour. But I was there in ’86 when they honoured us, at Ellis Park (the 4th and final test) ’cause that what it was. they honoured us with the Haka.

  2. “As I watch the Pommie cricketers be thrashed by India again”. Your constant bashing of all things English, indicates a small mind and a petty personality. I do not know where you are from or where you live but you fail to impress.

  3. Sipu

    I have left your comment here for Cuprum to deal with.

    However, I will say that your constant insults to a Charioteer about whom you freely admit you know absolutely nothing is getting more than a little wearisome.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sentence you have quoted – it is simply a statement and does not warrant your attack on someone who knows a great deal more about the state of sport in the UK than you.

    Fair comment is allowed on this site – and it seems to be fair comment to say that the Indian cricket team thrashed the English.

    Personal insults are not welcome.

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