. . . a few of my favourite things . . .

It’s a funny old world, innit?

  • Ash Barty. Just as Sam Stosur starts getting to be just a bit past it, along comes young Ash. What a girl! Will she take out Wimbledon? I’ll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed.
  • Nick Kyrgios and Venus Williams, did you watch their last match? Tennis at its very best, with Nick clearly in awe of playing with such a goddess of the sport. Shame he’s now had to withdraw after injuring himself.
  • Covid – we’ve kept our infections and deaths down pretty well, but our vaccine roll-out has been pathetically slow compared with many other countries. Logistics, all is logistics – our pollies hadn’t even heard of the word until a couple of minutes ago!
  • China. Has reverted to the 1800s, has gone utterly doolally, has a lot to answer for, and is stupefyingly dangerous. Handle with great care until they recover.

That’ll do for now. 😎

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

8 thoughts on “. . . a few of my favourite things . . .”

  1. I too hope that Ash Barty does well at Wimbledon, Bearsy. But I’m not heart broken that Kyrgios has retired because of injury. I find him annoying and I believe Tennis Australia does too.

  2. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I agree Sheona, because his talent is considerably greater than his self-control. But if he gets on top of himself he could be one of the best – in my humble (ha!) and old (very) opinion. 😎

  3. I agree, Bearsy, Kyrgios could be one of the best but doesn’t seem to want to apply himself.

    Barty not off to a great start in first set today.

  4. Had I read this yesterday I would have had good reason to criticise the lack of mentioning our new star, Raducanu, when mentioning Ladies Wimbledon tennis, but since yesterday’s disaster i will keep quiet.

  5. Because Boris completely screwed me over (again) I’m now back in California for the time being. Only my things are in the UK and will need to be transported Stateside in due course. I am sorely tempted to send a bill to Boris since it is his fault. As a result, I had the jab in California. Here, you are given an option as to which of the three authorised varieties you’d like: Janssen, Pfizer or Moderna. Having already had the bug, the single-shot Janssen was the best option. As it is a traditional jab, I felt more comfortable with it. I simply turned up, was seated almost immediately, was given the jab, had my European booklet filled in and was given a CDC card and was sent on my way. About ten days later I was given a $50 prepaid gift card to use for online shopping as a bonus. At least in the US, almost everyone who wants to have the jab has been given the jab. Two out of three have at least started the process. Life, as a result, has largely returned to normal. Muzzles are no longer required except in hospitals (probably not a bad idea with or without the virus) and on public transport (a bit annoying, but so long as people kind of pretend to go along with it, they’re left in peace. In stores, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, etc. it’s optional. Most no longer wear one.

  6. You do seem to get around Christopher. Still, better to miss the dreadful floods in Germany. I trust all your friends and relatives in Trier are safe and well. Likewise I hope that Christina and Cog are surviving the heat wave in their neck of the woods.

  7. Sheona: I had an eventful summer, two weeks in Sweden and about 10 days in Turkey before flying to California. It was supposed to be a two-week visit, but it’s turning into a year. I’m looking at places to live in Spain and Portugal at the moment. Córdoba and exurban Lisbon are my two top choices at the moment. After having been burnt badly twice by Boris in under a year, I’ve decided against going back to the UK. The risk is too high for me.

    My grandmother is safe in an old age home on top of a hill that’s miles from any water. My aunt is, likewise, on top of a hill miles from the rivers. The place I used to live has, however, been evacuated and I heard that the basement flooded. It makes the water conservation measures in California palatable!

  8. The disastrous flooding in Germany, and Belgium and the Netherlands and Switzerland, certainly bear out your previous comments about Merkel’s lack of care for the infra structure in Germany, Christopher.

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