Vale Jane

I see that the Janus account and all associated posts and comments have now been removed, after several weeks (months?) of inactivity. I can only assume that our colleague has sadly joined the growing number of Charioteers who have abandoned this mortal coil to blog forever in Elysium.

Although at times a contentious contributor, Janus was an essential part of the fundamental essence of the Chariot. He will be sorely missed – in particular his scholarly knowledge of Latin and Greek.

If my assumption is incorrect, my apologies to my friend and his family.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

6 thoughts on “Vale Jane”

  1. Hi, Bearsy.

    Well done to the Aussies. They deserved to retain the Ashes, given the respective performance of the teams.

    Still hope, of course, that you don’t actually win them. C’mon England in the 5th Test.

    Moving on to far more important matters, I truly hope that Janus is still with us. If not, I drink to his memory and to all the joy that he gave to me, and to MyT and to the Chariot.

    But, and I think that he would agree with me in this, I challenge your title of ‘Vale Juno’? I respectfully suggest that any use of the dative case here is just plain wrong.

    Surely, we should be be using the vocative?

    Ave atque vale, Janus!

  2. You’re absolutely right, Mr Mackie, Sir. Mea culpa!

    I had always intended to use the vocative and was initially satisfied that I had done so . . . until Boadicea asked me why I hadn’t. But I have, I cried. No dear, she responded, you’ve used the dative. Oh Gawd, so I had; whatever is the matter with me? A Senior’s moment and greatly embarrassing. The change will be made at once.

    The cricket has been fascinating, with good and bad on both sides – although the umpiring has been atrocious. From an Aussie perspective the worst failure has been Dave Warner’s series of ducks, although Joe Root seems to be fighting to beat him to the bottom. Let’s hope the 5th will be the match to end all matches, as it should. 😎

  3. Thank you for that, JM. Non-classicist that I am, I was pretty convinced that the vocative case should have been used and I’m glad my Latin knowledge is still relevant and correct.

    If it is true that Janus is no longer with us, I am very sorry. It is a pity that whoever removed his posts did not give any reason, even a link to a death notice in the local paper. Now we shall be left wondering until we ourselves arrive in bloggers’ paradise.

  4. My respects also to Janus.

    Sheona, like you, I’m very sad that whoever removed his posts did not feel it necessary to give us on this site some reason for his departure.

    We may hide behind pseudonyms but I would like to think that over the years we have formed some sort of personal friendships as ‘real’ people’ and not just anonymous ships that pass in the night.

    Vale Jane.

  5. Pretty uncivilized, you’ld think someone could have left a message.
    Sometimes it is not easy to let people know. I had a devil of a time with facebook after the boy shuffled off this mortal coil. Ended up having my lawyer threatening to sue them so that I could notify his contacts. Fortunately his friends all over the world put the word out for me at my behest and half of them turned up to the funeral! We delayed it two weeks just so as people could get home.
    Nothing like a good liquid Welsh funeral party.

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