The World is too much with us . . .


I am aghast at the global shenanigans caused by one mediocre Mercan actress and her juvenile, brain dead poodle of a husband. The sooner Liz and Phil remove their titles and banish them fully from The Firm, the better. They have turned the UK’s Constitutional Monarchy into a third-rate soap opera and anyone who says so is culture cancelled by the woke brigade – poor old Piers Morgan, for example.

And another thing –

Cressida Dick, who until now I regarded as the best Metropolitan Commissioner of Police since Sir Robert Peel, has screwed up right royally by allowing her officers to act as though they were aspiring to be American thugs (so-called Police) by beating up and arresting many defenceless women on Clapham Common (a place I know well, but that’s quite another story) who were there in memory of a local girl who was recently murdered by a Metropolitan Police thug who had been serving in the Diplomatic Protection squad – that means armed – until his mates finally threw him in the clink.

They should have been supporting the lasses rather than wrestling them to the ground and handcuffing them.

O tempora, o mores!

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

11 thoughts on “The World is too much with us . . .”

  1. Quite agree, on both matters.

    No interest or sympathy with either of the Meg/Harry crew. What did they expect? And who cares? Harrumph.

    Cressida got this one wrong. The police look after us with our consent, and sometimes the rule of law is wrong. Peelian principles and the law both provide constables the power of individual discretion. CD missed the opportunity to show this unique standard of British policing to a world audience.

    Meanwhile, all men are not predators nor are all women victims. If society goes further down this route we will have burkas and curfews. We’re better than that.

  2. I guess anyone could see it coming with cringe and gringe. Her treatment of her own family was disgusting. God knows why HMQ allowed it to happen, she could have stopped it. She will want a divorce soon enough when the money runs out!

    As for the police thing, quite beyond in their treatment of those women. I cannot understand why women do not arm themselves against marauding males. A quiet purchase of bear spray on the internet from the USA would do the trick nicely. So the police say you cannot protect yourself, prove it after the event! Used it ten years ago in Pembrokeshire, went nowhere. All too circumstantial.

  3. Christina:

    Once Her Maj allowed her son to marry a divorcee, there was no way she could have stopped Harry marrying his nemesis without charges of ‘racism’, ‘classism’ and any other other sort of ‘ism’ that can be conjured up in the minds of people who refuse to accept that their personal behaviour is almost certainly the cause of most of their problems.

    What really peeves me about the modern anti-racist movement is the assumption that only people of ‘colour’ – white and pink do not seem to be classified as colours anymore – so to be precise let’s amend that to the notion that only people of a darker skin colour can suffer racist attacks.

    Wow! Really?

    I recall someone posting an anti-red-head poster on this site some years ago which suggested that anyone who was getting married got a DNA test to avoid having children with red hair. Maybe not racist – but certainly very discriminatory and pretty hurtful. To my credit – I let it stand – but also made it quite clear what I thought!

    Then there are the many offensive remarks I got here in Oz for simply being a ‘Pom’. Most were openly offensive, and sometimes aggressively so. After a short while here I only bothered with other immigrants: English, Scots, Vietnamese, Slovenian, and the like and gave 3rd and 4th generation Ozzies a very wide berth. Maybe that was ‘racist’ of me – but I didn’t appreciate being told that I, as an English woman, was responsible for all the awful things that the settlers here did. To be fair, not too many of those to whom I responded with facts and figures wanted to befriend me! As is always the case, there were exceptions.: people who see through labels.

    Cuprum: I found your comment re the police looking after us with our consent interesting. Peels’ establishment of a Police Force is a bit out of my historical studies – but I think I’m right that he didn’t want an armed force which would be too reminiscent of an Army Force which would have alienated the General Public?

    Cressida and Priti have, in my opinion, made a huge error of judgement. Certainly, everyone knows that according to Covid regs the vigil was ‘illegal’. But, so what? There have been other large gatherings that have contravened the law. The Extreme mob that brought London to a halt; some footy celebrations and the BLM protestors where police took the knee. Police behaviour in those protests was quite different.

    Don’t get me wrong – a mob of angry women are probably quite intimidating! But, the ‘Age of Chivalry’ is not quite dead and for the police to man-handle women in a way that they were not prepared to do with male protesters has, I think, damaged the police’s reputation for a long time.

    As to your last point, there are indeed saints and villains of both genders. If it comes to a choice of a burka or a curfew I just might exercise my right to self-identify my gender and demand to be treated as ‘male’ who just happens to like to dress in women’s clothing.

  4. Rather thought that having unarmed police was a bit of reaction to Peterloo (1819) which went down like a ton of bricks with all and sundry!

    Bo, it staggers me that you have actually had crap from the locals down under! Round here they have learnt better! As a known racist who is known to emit “Wogs begin at Calais” at intervals and manages to have a half blood Cherokee as her best friend it is all too confusing for most of them! I am known to get hideously British with a very incisive accent and a rather rarefied vocabulary all of which they find somewhat intimidating. Or so the Cherokee says, laughing as she chokes on her wine!

    I too am sick to bloody death of all this racial crap and the whining, they do themselves no good at all by the way they carry on and manage to lose all natural sympathy for their legitimate causes with an awful lot of people these days.

  5. And now we have two-bit friends of Markle telling all and sundry about phone calls between scumbag Harry and his father and brother and we’re supposed to believe it. I am with Piers Morgan on this and if we can’t believe a word Markle utters, why should we believe anything her hangers-on say. As you say, Christina, a lot of sympathy has been lost for various causes. According to Markle she has “proof” of all her claims of racism from the royal family. So she was recording conversations her husband had when she wasn’t even present?

  6. Christina: I’m sure Peterloo was in Peel’s mind. The main idea was to get Public Opinion on side. After all, it was quite difficult to get convictions for a hanging offence (a friend’s research – not mine). The best example he gave me was a charge brought against a bunch of robbers who stole fabric, ‘worth £400 and valued at 2s 0d’ – it was thought to be the only way to get a conviction. No hanging involved!

    I suppose I didn’t endear myself when I pointed out that all the criminals sent here were recidivists – and, yes, I had actually worked on the evidence that showed that. It really doesn’t do to try to dispel Myths with Facts!

    Sheona: She may well have ‘proofs’ of what she might consider ‘racist’ comments. The trouble is that any innocent remark can be twisted by the permanently-offended mob these days. And I have no doubt that were she to publish them they would be edited out of context.

  7. Two things happened that week that, I think, will have a major impact on how things unfold for the next months and years. The first is, obviously, that the Met chose to act like jack-booted Gestapoesque thugs. Leave the jack-booted thuggery to the Hun, it’s the only thing they have left after having sold the rest to the Chinese for a song. The double-standards in how protests were treated weren’t missed. When people were protesting against face nappy mandates and lock-ups, they were treated with contempt and the police quickly resorted to thuggery and brutality. I doubt I will ever forget the scene of a Met constable getting arsey with a man who criticised them for treating an elderly woman who was protesting like a common criminal only to back down a bit when he found out that the man was an MP. The “so what are you going to do about it?” mindset is so German, so corrupt as to make one cringe. Yet… When violent Marxist hordes were vandalising public monuments and defecating in public squares, the same police kneeled to them. This protest was very orderly, very polite, very civilised. They exercised ancient liberties whilst paying full respect to concerns about the ongoing pandemic. There is no way any reasonable person can dismiss their cause or find fault with how they conducted their vigil. Whether it was their intention or not, the police acted with undue brutality in response to a vigil protesting the unreasonable actions of one of their own. The other is that Greta Thunberg came off as more reasonable than government ministers and chiefs of police. When Greta Thunberg is a comparative voice of reason, you know the plot hasn’t only been lost, it’s been shredded, bagged and incinerated.

    Yes… Me-Me Markle is a drama queen starring in the role her lifetime. Much like her other unremarkable roles and projects, it’s not entirely convincing. She’s a C-lister on a good day. Had she been interviewed by someone like Andrew Neil, Andrew Bolt, Peta Credlin, Rita Panahi or Laura Ingraham she would have fallen on her face. But Soap Oprah? Nah, they’re two peas in a foetid pod.

  8. Christopher: I really loved your comment… especially that regarding Ms Thunberg. I laughed so much I had to stop reading!

    You are dead right about M starring in the role of her lifetime. It was so clearly ‘staged’ for those wanting to believe: from the 1930’s style dress and Wallis Simpson hair-do, to the touch of the eye to wipe away a tear, and a finger on the throat to stifle a sob. I didn’t actually watch it – but I saw enough photos to understand exactly what she was doing. And then, of course, the explosive charge of racism – not only against the RF but against the British media, and thus, by extension, against the British people.

    Such a charge might, in America, garner overwhelming support. And I can understand why – after all it is not so long since America has had to face up to its very institutionalised treatment of its non-white citizens.

    But not in Britain. Whatever the present woke-mob say Britain is not inherently racist. It abolished the slave trade around 1807, abolished slavery in the 1830s and never set up a system whereby non-whites did not have the same rights as whites. When the American military bigwigs of WW2 went to Britain and tried to get British publicans to set up ‘coloured-only bars’ they were told very firmly: ‘we don’t have that nonsense ‘ere.’

    Of course there are individuals who are racist and there will always be. But M will garner few supporters in the UK with that charge – but I don’t think she wants to.

  9. This little video popped up uninvited on my screen this morning. In light of what is going on in the world I thought it appropriate to share it. I am heartily sick of the whingers, black, trans and feminist, (not to mention those who must not be mentioned). Just as the former two mentioned categories have severely overstepped the mark, so too has the latter. It will come back to bite with a severity that nobody but the most perverted will relish. Without the straight, white male, the world would be an infinitely worse place for the vast majority of people. Trust me, I see it every day on this savage continent teeming with savage people. I never thought I would say this, but but given the decadence of the west, the former bastion of Christian civilization, I am beginning to sympathise with Islam,

    In any event, people with a modicum of self respect should attempt to learn a bit from the ancient civilizations. Their philosophies have been stood the test of time, though I fear that being stale and pale, they will soon be cancelled.

  10. Boadicea: Me-Me Markle isn’t actually getting widespread support in the United States. I doubt that’s even her aim. Hollywood “Woke” culture isn’t really all that popular in the United States. At least half the country is against anything she says from the start. The other half aren’t entirely on board with her, either. A number of more intellectually honest left-of-centre Americans don’t buy her story and wonder why she, as a woman who is certainly not short of cash or comfort, can claim to be a victim at a time when millions have lost their jobs and businesses. In the comfortable inner-suburbs of Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta and Boston she might have some supporters, but elsewhere? Not so much. It is rare that I agree with Little Manny Macaroon, but one thing I can agree with is that the US export of “woke culture” is not something we want or need. The United States has its own demons and own problems to face. My father’s mother was born and raised in the Jim Crow South. She died a few years ago, but until her end, her mindset was very much one which never accepted desegregation. At the same time, it’s hard to argue that the United States today is what it was 60 years ago. Minorities are represented in Congress with both parties having visible minority members in both chambers. People of colour have been appointed to cabinet positions by both parties. Both parties have had visible minority governors. There are clearly still issues in the US. Both parties have, in the past, cynically pursued policies which have caused a great deal of harm to minority communities, issues that are still around today. For example, Democrat and Republican administrations turning a blind eye to the Corsican Mafia’s smuggling of heroin into the US provided that the trade be limited to majority-minority inner-city neighbourhoods, social programmes that penalised poor families (something which hurt the same majority-minority inner-city neighbourhoods) for trying to stick together. The only way for many mothers to ensure that they would have enough was if there was no father around. After a couple generations of this, you can imagine what the damage would be. Johnnie Tillmon wrote eloquently about this.

    But, as you said, Britain is not the United States. There’s a different history, a different dynamic. One of my friends is a member of the Windrush Generation. Sometimes we talk about these things. One thing that she’s made clear is that while she has had some negative experiences, while she has observed some racism in her life, it’s never been anything near what was the norm in the USA. She said that she once travelled to Florida in the early 1990s. The attitudes she saw there shocked her. Britain, at its worst, was not that intense and this was decades after the US had seen the worst!
    The way it’s being handled is anti-productive, but there are a lot of valid points being made. If you’re interested, I can tell you about some of my observations of Latino communities in California and the Somali community in Minnesota.
    For now, I’ll leave it with this video by Park Yeonmi. She compares life in North Korea with life in the US.

    Sipu: I very much understand! A part of me isn’t comfortable with the growing influence of China and Islam. At the same time, when I see just how banal, how nasty so much of the West has become, I wonder if it’s even worth fighting any more. The Chinese, if nothing else, focus on “the big picture” and Islam has its core values and principles.

  11. It now appears that Sturgeon may actually be forced to resign despite all her protests. Support for her is dwindling. I’m looking forward to seeing her frantically scrabbling down the back of any sofas she can find to help the Scottish taxpayers deal with the millions they may be on the hook for as regards the Lochaber aluminium smelter and the Fort William hydropower plant. Sturgeon went ahead with the deal despite warnings. Bye-bye pension fund.

    As regards Markle, I can only wonder why a supposedly intelligent woman like Gayle King believes a word that emerges from MM and poodle and then spreads it round the CBS news channel. I can believe that Harry is happy to pretend he has been in contact with his father and brother, but it’s sad that other people fall for his pretence. I can also believe that no member of the royal family has contacted Markle. Who would want to?

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