7 thoughts on “Goodbye Sir . . .”

  1. Perhaps his 100th birthday would have been too much for him. Best to go quietly without a fanfare and without any more histrionics from the US. I have deep respect for his loyalty and service to his wife and our Queen. I liked his jokes too!

  2. I’ve just been watching video excerpts of Prince Philip’s funeral. This marked the departure of one of the truly Great Men of our age. To me, the occasion was marred only by Sparkle’s sending of a handwritten note of condolence (as if she cared).

    Now, even though I’m not British, I find myself worrying about Her Majesty the Queen. Who, even HMQ, can withstand the loss of a partner with whom one has been so close for so long? I fear that it is all too common for a surviving partner to linger but a short time after the death of a loved one. For once, I hope that I am wrong.

  3. Cog.

    I remember watching Stalin’s funeral (not live of course!) and even as 10 year old caught the idea that it was an important event. Just a few weeks later I watched the funeral of Queen Mary. A few months earlier my Great-Grandmother had died – I had a very strong affinity with her.

    And then – a couple of months later was the Coronation. The beginning of a new era.

    I watched the whole event yesterday – probably because I saw it as the end of an era somewhat akin to the death of my g-grandmother, Stalin and Mary.

    It did indeed mark the death of a Great man. Despite all the pomp – it was a family funeral that was broadcast to the world in acknowledgement that Philip used his great privilege to benefit others and that they deserved to be there.

    Even though in mourning, the Queen has already performed two essential royal tasks.

    Personally, I think she will find her sense of duty strong enough to keep her going – although I also think that her sense of duty will encourage her to ensure that her successors (both Charles and William) know ‘the job’ – which is not just about sticking on a crown, jumping in a car and waving at crowds – but is an integral part of the British Constitution.

    I understand why so many Americans don’t understand that – but I do wish a few more people in Britain did.

    As to your comment re Sparkle – it is well known that Charles (or whoever he becomes when he is crowned) wants to slim down the monarchy. I do hope he will modify George V’s Letters Patent (1917) and limit even further the extent to which titles can be passed down the generations – or onto spouses.

  4. Cog, your comment about Sparkle and her unnecessary intrusion reminded me of a disparaging saying of my mother’s – “no show without Punch”. I was convinced that the disgusting woman would dress the poor little lad in some ghastly fake uniform and have him salute. So far, so good.

  5. Who is this ghastly Gale King who seems incapable of comprehending the relationship “father – daughter”? Perhaps it comes through being a friend of Markle.

  6. Boadicea: If you’re saying that HMQ is a tough old bird, then I’m inclined to agree with you. It’s also good to see that her heirs, Princes Charles and William, have got together to consider the future of the monarchy.

    There was something that recently appeared in The Telegraph saying that at least she has her dogs. Too right! I read somewhere not all that long ago that a friend had given her two new canines. I forget what breed but they aren’t Corgis. It hardly matters; I know I’d be lost without the doggy love lavished upon me.

    FYI, one of President Biden’s dogs has bitten two White House staff people *and* left “doggy deposits” in a couple of the hallways. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Even my dear little Gus guy (a Jack Russell) leaves pools in the utility room when I’m not awake to let him out in the dead of night. But he has an excuse, being on “water pills” for his congestive heart failure.

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