Lizzie has gone ga-ga

Time for her to be sectioned

A knighthood for Tony Blair?

How absolutely stupid, devoid of all reason and contemptuous of millions of normal working people. Blair is a criminal – he should be in prison doing hard labour, for life.

I thought Lizzie was better than this, but sadly I’m wrong.

Scrap the monarchy, resume their spoils and demolish the whole corrupt system of privilege for the ultra rich, entitled wankers.


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

7 thoughts on “Lizzie has gone ga-ga”

  1. Happy New Year, Bearsy.

    As you may be aware, the Honour’s list is drawn up twice a year by the Cabinet office which is actually staffed by civil servants. There were some 8000 of them at the last count (in that office alone) and, it would appear, a large proportion of which have a vested interest in maintaining a system that grants them the power to issue “titles” to their chums at the latter end of their careers. On average it seems to be for no better reason than they adequately did the job that they were employed and (overly) generously paid to do. The Royals just have the job of actually dishing those out. The Government might appear to be slightly right of centre but the civil service remains steadfastly on the left.

  2. Having done a bit of more research, it appears that this honour is the Queens personal gift, so the reason that is most likely is that all ex prime minister’s have been awarded it. Still not a valid reason in my opinion, but there ya go.

  3. One crumb of comfort is that Bliar is now aware of how despised he is by the people of this country. I hope his investiture might be carried out by another who’s addicted to diverging from the truth – Harry!

  4. Who is “Lizzie?” And why should she be sectioned? Such disrespectful language leads one to think that we’re surrounded by rabid republicans. How many elected officials have their country’s interests so much at heart as do the Royal Family?

    Regardless of the mechanism behind awarding of Knighthoods, I harbor neither affection nor respect for one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Even though I’m a (expletive deleted) Colonial with no direct interest, I can’t help feeling that Britain is better off without him.

  5. Sheona – Nice one!

    You sent my mind shooting off to a fantasy land where Megan Markle was playing a woke edition of Miss Havisham, emoting around Tony’s statue which had been cancelled by being dropped into Surbiton Lagoon (which had been itself cancelled in 1980, but what’s 40 years between friends?).

    Thanks for the trip. 😎

  6. I’m with Sheona on this one. I am almost pleased that he has been given the award because it has raised very much awareness for just how much he is hated by the public. Even my daughter, who is about as far removed from anything political as a vegan is to crunchy pork crackling, sent me a link to the petition to get this award scrapped.
    Let him have his silly honour but in the long run he won’t get any benefit from it.

    P.S. A Happy New Year to all.

  7. Sheona: it’s a very, very small crumb! And I fear that, like most narcissists, Blair will be too blind to see it.

    Cog: I agree with your comment regarding Her Maj’s overwhelming dedication to Britain’s interests.

    However, I do wonder why no one advised her that giving the dreadful Blair a knighthood would provoke an uproar.

    I’m sure that Philip, so long derided as a foreigner who understood the British sentiment so well, would have advised her to act differently. So we have to wonder – who was behind promoting this appointment? We have to hope that whoever it was is not able to influence her Maj to make similar blunders.

    As a historian, I have to say that Elizabeth I also seriously misjudged the English in the last years of her reign. And Eliz II is, in my mind, doing much the same – especially where her family is concerned.

    The British Monarchy has survived only because it has wisely understood that it needs to change and adapt according to changes in society.

    Poor old Charles I thought he was above all that and lost his head! Charles II knew better, and I’m quite sure that Charles III (if that is what he decides to be) is also very aware that he needs to make the Monarchy more relevant – it’s not a bad system, and in my opinion, far better than appointing biased Political Heads of State.

    Charles (III?) is not as stupid as so many people think he is and, I think, will do well. I hope he will do better that Her Maj – and ruthlessly cut the dead wood (his son et al) from using their position to feather their nests.

    You are quite right (again!) – as a ‘mere Colonial with no direct interest’ you really have no right to express an opinion. However, it is really good to hear and learn what informed people think. So, many thanks for your comment.

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