That’s quite enough!

Rhybudd Pwysig – महत्वपूर्ण सूचना – Avis important – Wichtiger Hinweis

The Chariot has been happily trundling along for many years, and within its own limited objectives has been reasonably successful. We’ve lost a few Charioteers to time’s fell hand, all of whom are greatly missed, and the odd one or two miscreants have been forcibly removed, to the relief of all.

It would appear that some of the Chariot’s guidelines have become dimmed in our collective minds of late, so for a refresher, why not read the paragraphs on the About page covering Moderation and Authors? It won’t take long, the link is just up there on the right.

And then, perhaps, have a squiz at FAQs -> Who can do what? -> Authors which adds some explanatory details for the forgetful.

In summary,

  • each Charioteer owns his/her own posts and all the comments therein
  • asserting that an idea or concept or fact is stupid, illogical or fallacious is fine
  • asserting that a Charioteer is stupid . . . is definitely not acceptable

Have a nice day now, y’all. 😎

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

5 thoughts on “That’s quite enough!”

  1. There were two descriptions in Allison Pearson’s article in todays DT which gave me a good laugh. Neither are complimentary, but then they’re not describing Charioteers.

    Firstly she reminded me of the impolite French words for a sourpuss, instead of the usual “grincheux”. She reckons Macron deserves the “pisse-froid” appellation. So he can be President Pisse-froid now.

    The second is thanks to an Aussie, Mark Higgie, formerly Australian ambassador to the EU. When he was asked to describe the calibre of Uschi and her cohorts, all unelected europrats, he called them “shonky retreads”. I love it. Thanks, Mr Higgie. How appropriate for Kinnock and missus, Mandy, Cathy Ashton and others we have shoved off onto the EU.

  2. Okay… I will admit to hitting back a bit too hard. I owe Boadicea an apology for that especially. Although I do not appreciate being accused of being a fascist, it was petty of me to dredge up things from 2009. In my desire to take the piss out of everyone and everything, I failed to take into account the circumstances of others.

    Sheona: My mother refers to her as “Flintenuschi”. There is only one small mercy at the moment in Germany and that is that Merkel is not going to get off Scot-free. The pandemic and vaccination debacles are blow up in her face and Jens Spahn’s. For once, the German press are focusing on Germany’s travails and are making it very clear that Merkel, Spahn and the EU spectacularly mismanaged everything.

  3. I worry about poor old Putin. He will go down in history as Vlad the Poisoner. It does not have the same ring as Vlad the Impaler or Ivan the Terrible. But maybe it sounds more ominous in Russian.

  4. Sheona – first it seems that my comment that by locking up 70 tennis players we could allow 30,000 people to attend the Tournament has come back to hit me in the face with a custard tart! I rather suspect that the voters in Victoria, who have already faced the worse lockdown in Australia, won’t just hit their Premier with custard tarts – but will vote him OUT! But, who knows? It’s not just the U.K. that suffers from Champagne Socialists – we have plenty here too!

    I definitely like the term President Pisse-froid – it has a certain ‘ring’ about it that every English-speaking country can relate to.

    Christopher: apology accepted.

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