All things must change . . .

I have never been a Monarchist at heart, but for many years I’ve been of the opinion that Elizabeth II has performed admirably in her duties with only the occasional minor slip – such as (initially) refusing to lower the flags to half-mast when Diana died. I have agreed with the many people, here in Straya and the UK, who suggest that the system needs to be changed, but not until she has completed her innings.

She has been firm in her intention to continue her reign until she can no longer discharge her responsibilities to the standard she would like.

Sorry Ma’am, but that point was reached a year ago when dear old Phil the Greek handed in his dinner pail. Without his behind-the-scenes support and with increasing frailty (age comes to us all), Liz has slipped further and further away from the front line. She has not dealt effectively with Harry and the Monarchy has suffered as a result. She has not given Charles a regency and retired to enjoy her remaining years with her horses; she has not dealt effectively with Andrew and refuses to withdraw his title – thus alienating a large proportion of her subjects, people without whose support there is no Monarchy.

Retire, hand on the Crown and then take it easy – now! Otherwise the whole shebang will drift into irrelevance. Charles and Camilla may not be up to the job, but they’ll try and perhaps William and Kate will help.

The country will still respect you if you give up gracefully, but if you don’t you’ll be voting for a Republic of some form or another. It won’t be any better, but its arrival will be inexorable. Please call it a day.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

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