England v Australia, First Test, Trent Bridge, day 3.

The Great RonnieO, master of the game of snooker, always held his hand up when he made an infringement on the cue ball. My tip caressed the white as I was lining up the shot, he would admit. Sadly, not all sportsmen are sportsmen. I am referring to the nasty/clever ( delete where applicable) machinations of one Stuart Broad.

As an England cricket fan, not born and bred more along the lines of nurture, I am appalled by his actions. I’ve never taken to Broad. Skinny frame, film star looks, there was always something of the night about him. He was blatantly out yet stood his ground. At the end of the Test I wonder if he’ll look back on his batting figures with pride.

Respected commentators have said that Broad was quite right to remain at the crease. You win some, lose some as they point the finger at the dodgy dismissal of Jonathan Trott earlier in the game. Maybe so but there was an element of doubt in the, bat or pad first, debate in the Trott incident. In the Broad case it was game, set and match if the Aussies had any referrals left. And who’s to say Trott is not lying about putting an edge on it? Today’s cricketers aren’t an honest bunch.

Changing the tone a bit I bet the umpire, Aleem Dar, was glad that Billy Cooper the barmy army trumpeter was banned from the ground. The musician would have given the hapless official a rendition of his circus clown theme- doo-doo-doobee-doobee-doobee-doo-doobee-doobee-dododooooo.

It looks as if England are on course to win the first Test, although it’s not over until it’s over; that’s the beauty of the game, and I think we would still have done so even if the unappealing sight of Broad had walked. The fact he didn’t has taken a shine off a very good Test match. What an example he could have set. A missed chance.

As it’s Friday night rock time ( Backside says, no it’s not, it’s Saturday morning, you fool) let’s end with a play it loud classic. My first choice would be the legendary Pantera with their signature riff fans favourite, Walk. Sensing that Charioteers ears aren’t what they used to be I’ll opt for something more melodic instead. Dire Straits. Australia’s chances or Broad’s reputation? The wolf cousin out there likes Knopfler. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Walk”

  1. Great music, but what does Mark Knopfler have to do with American “football”, baseball or basketball? About as little as Stuart Broad or Aleem Dar have to do with the spirit of cricket, I suppose – that is, nothing. 😦

    The worst thing is that it was totally unnecessary.

    Although the Aussie bowlers are a pretty reasonable pack these days, and our latest schoolboy recruit is possibly the only Australian who actually knows how to bat (showing Clarke and the other old poseurs what a load of useless prats they really are), England has been fighting back competently in their second innings and clearly have their nose in front – particularly when we all know that the Aussie batting will collapse in a heap when (if?) they finally get in again for a few embarrassing hours on day 5.

    Broad didn’t have to cheat. In fact his action has tarnished England’s eventual victory, and virtually ensured that Dave Warner (remember him?) will be repeating his right hook in the pub – if he ever gets back to England again.

    The umpire should visit an Opticians and be dismissed. 🙂

  2. Morning/Afternoon Bearsy,

    You’re right about the eventual England victory, if indeed it is one, being hollow. I was surprised that the likes of Siddle et al didn’t aim a beamer or two at Broad’s angelic face. Nobody would have blamed them. It sickens me to see diving and stuff like that in football, I expect cricket to be better mannered, though the gentleman days are long gone. Luckily, the camera catches out the cheats.

    Great knock by your new nineteen year old though bad joke by Jonathan Agnew after the first Aussie innings- “England are suffering from Agar-o-phobia” (ouch). I took to Agar immediately, his smile reminded me of the happy-go-lucky West Indian captain Darren Sammy.

    Sorry about the vid, I knew I should have plumped for the more metallically magnetic Pantera. 🙂

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