Parents’ evening

Tonight’s early evening sky had a wash of palest blue, with a flush in places of rose pink, all overlaid with smudges of windswept charcoal.  I watched it change, and as we travelled the blue deepened until it was truly dark.

I noticed this on the way to Scout’s parents ‘student review evening’  just after we had squeezed around the roundabout, avoiding the turning where the ambulance and police cars were acting as an effective road block. By the time we reached school is was completely dark. We commented on how the evenings are really drawing out now.

We learned nothing we didn’t know about Scout and realised that all his teachers have a pretty good measure of him which is all rather reassuring. The mocks are over. Soon the real thing will be upon us.

Earlier today I went out into the garden followed by Pippi Long Stocking (the kitten) on one of her first forays. I was distracted by snowdrops and crocus and the like and when I turned around she had disappeared. I had a slight lurch in my stomach… where had she gone?

I called her….and saw her coming back out of the back door: it turns out she had gone back indoors!It was wet and cold underfoot.

Here are a few more snaps from the garden.

Snowdrops – the early ones

and more to come

Pink tips of hebe with water drops.

Having trimmed off the old seed heads of the sedum, I can see lots of new growth.

By the time Scout’s doing his exams the snow drops will be over, the hebe reverting to green and the sedum forming leaves and buds for later in the year. Sobering thought, how quickly Spring passes.



Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

12 thoughts on “Parents’ evening”

  1. OK, decorating trauma dos not fully justify why I have not visited my garden recently, Nym.

    Inspired by your post, I will have a look to see if similar things are happening therein. I may not have the time to photograph them, but I’m pleased that some one takes the trouble. 🙂

  2. Hi Pseu.

    Flower blogs aren’t my usual fare. One flower looks like another, if you ask me. To quote the much-quoted anon: “A flower is a flower is a flower”.

    Will now run away before the pitchforks come out. 🙂

  3. The garden is under 8″ of snow here, forget it!
    And as cold as the proverbial.
    If it were the second coming I wouldn’t attend.
    Nice pics, parents evenings were so bad, gibbering claptrap mainly, I can’t actually remember going to one past him being 15 or so.
    The last one I gave his English teacher a ‘going over’ for poor grammar and spelling. I think the boy must have torn up the notice after that rather than have me attend, funny, probably very wise of him as being choler inducing.

  4. Ara, it is well worth having a look just now. Things are moving 🙂

    Mr Royalist, shame on you. Do you not know your daffs from your dahlias?

    Ew! 8″ snow…. Christina, I hope it doesn’t lie too long!

  5. We have been dead lucky, the South Sound ie south of Seattle have had another 15″ on top, then an ice storm and wind. 270,000 without power down there and well below freezing.
    So I’m not complaining about a mere 8″ on this occasion!

  6. Nym, a kitten’s first foray into rainy or snowy weather can be very amusing, eh? Paws lifted and planted again so carefully.

  7. theroyalist :

    Hi Pseu.

    Flower blogs aren’t my usual fare. One flower looks like another, if you ask me. To quote the much-quoted anon: “A flower is a flower is a flower”.

    Will now run away before the pitchforks come out. :-)

    I suppose there aren’t many flowers where you hail from? Such a deprived area…. 😉

  8. Yes, Jaanus, it was amusing to watch her through the longish wet grass, curiosity fighting against distaste!

  9. Keep the pictures coming, Pseu.

    My arrival to the UK two mornings ago left me feeling rather depressed. Heavy clouds, slashing rain, leafless trees and cold! To be fair it hasn’t rained much since then – and I did manage to catch a sliver of sun as it sunk into the sea last night…

    It is good to know that somewhere there are signs of plant life!

  10. Boadicea – Come to Portugal. The weather is just like QLD right now and The Cave is at your disposal.


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