Homes under the Hammer

The Conservative Chancellor of the coalition, George Osborne, has delighted the Tory Party faithful by ruling out wealth and mansion taxes. “This Party of home ownership will have no truck with it” he said. High value property owners that have never set foot in a truck breathed a sigh of relief. Mr Osborne is in charge of the purse strings of this country and he can play any melody he wants with them. This time it’s music to the ears of the wealthy.

Into the chamber enters the spectral figure that is the government’s Business Secretary, Vince Cable. This latter-day Robin Hood is promoting a petition for a fairer tax system. “I want a new ‘mansion tax’ on the most valuable properties – we propose 1% of the value of over £2million. This will be paid by the wealthiest 0.16% of property owners. If you agree, add your name to our campaign now.” This juggernaut statement struck a discord with the better off while those in the poor seats clapped approvingly. Continue reading “Homes under the Hammer”

A very European road to perdition -revisited!

In January 2011 I wrote ”A very European Road to Perdition’, which I posted on the ‘dark side’. The article was taken from the ‘Daily Reckoning’ web site. As this site gives out financial advice, my inherent cynicism of human sincerity and merit clouded my views on its veracity. At the time there was a critical comment on my view that contributors to the site were ‘snake oil salesmen’. I now think quite rightly so and withdraw, with some reservation, my comment about ‘snake oil salesmen’. However, I keep my view that politicians are ‘snake oil salesmen’. I’m with Diogenes in the adage that “It takes a wise man to discover a wise man” , and await my epiphany.

Here is my dark side post – revisited.  Bill Bonner writing from Paris for the ‘Daily Reckoning’ claimed that the US road to bankruptcy is running parallel to France. He stated that; Continue reading “A very European road to perdition -revisited!”

It is the Sixth of June

And do I see any sign in the press that, sixty-seven years ago today, the greatest sea-borne invasion in history took place on the beaches of Normandy, beginning the end of the Great Patriotic War, excuse me, World War Two? I see that Hugh Bonneville is up for the Gentleman’s Club role, whatever the hell that may be, that Bob Geldoff has been rocking them in the aisles with his tales of love, that Wayne Rooney has had a hair transplant…

I’d like to revive a post I put up some time ago…


The meeja are still at it, trying to parley the Fukushima crisis into a disaster and, in the process, handing the bedwetters and neo-luddites large wodges of convenient headlines with which to frighten the masses into the abandonment of the only clean, safe and reliable power generation source which will stop the lights going out as the current generation of power plants comes to the end of its working life. The latest scare tactic is the trumpeting of the fact that the Fukushima crisis has been up-graded to level 7, the highest level on the international scale used to measure these events. ‘It’s another Chernobyl,’ they whinny hysterically, running around in ever decreasing circles and waving their hands frantically in the air. Well, it’s not, nor can it be. It is a serious situation, and I’m not trying to downplay it, but it is contained and the omens, at the moment, are all good for it’s continuing containment. The hype and spin around Fukushima downplays the devastation caused by the actual disaster, a 1,000 year earthquake followed by a 1,000 year tsunami. The facts are…

Put Pensioners in Jail

That’s where I intend to put myself, in due course. Well, of course, not exactly jail, but the Royal Hospital is a closed institution where I plan to park myself with others of my generation and background so that we can enjoy the magnificent grounds, the beautiful architecture, our own licensed club, Post Office, putting and bowling greens, croquet lawn, handicraft workshops, allotments and library.

But, what of everyone else of my age? Put the pensioners in jail . and the criminals in a nursing home

The Political Wife: January Short Story

Two months before their fortieth wedding anniversary he left.  Jill was in shock and found she couldn’t focus on practical details. Her eldest son cancelled all the party arrangements and arranged an appointment with the solicitor.

She refused to attend.  The reality of the situation was something she chose to ignore however much her children urged her to protect her own interests. She ignored phone calls from her husband, and flatly declined to discuss the situation with her friends or family. She snubbed the press, and likewise, increasingly frantic communications from the PM’s Office.

It was a frustrating time for all of them but every time they visited their mother, she was pottering around as usual in the garden or walking the dogs.  She was not in the slightest bit curious to know where he was or what he was doing. After years of ignoring his various infidelities and petty cruelties she simply carried on as normal.  Of course, she was on some level aware that her life would change in the future, but she wanted to face that in her own time, and at her own pace.

Continue reading “The Political Wife: January Short Story”

Who will protest next?

Not sure if any of you follow Scottish politics, which in a quid pro quo way you should because we follow the England cricket team. Well the recent bad weather has forced the resignation of the transport minister, Stewart Stevenson. It’s in his brief to look out for unusual weather patterns and the storm last Monday caught him out. Continue reading “Who will protest next?”