Whacko of the Month

Barack Obama: Gulf of Mexico oil spill an ‘environmental 9/11’


He’s going to milk this to try to push through a carbon cap and trade bill that will cripple American industry and businesses, reduce standards of living for American people, and export jobs in ever larger numbers to China, India and other places that are rubbing their hands in glee at the arrant stupidity of Western politicians.

Whacko of the Week

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell who is to give 19 million hard-earned taxpayers pounds to UNRWA.

The UNRWA was founded in 1949 to deal with the refugee crisis caused by the invasion of the new State of Israel by five Arab armies. 61 years and billions upon billions of pounds later, it has demonstrably failed. The Arab refugees of Palestine have been kept in misery by the neglect of the states in the region, the intransigence of Arab States in refusing to recognise the State of Israel and the pouring of billions of pounds into armed attacks on that State, instead of into the provision of basic necessities for refugees and the means for them to remedy their own misfortunes by their own efforts. I present the example of Cyprus, a small country burdened with a huge refugee problem by an Invasion by a foreign Country in 1974. Find a refugee camp in Cyprus. Find refugees from Famagusta or other areas occupied by Turkey still living in squalor and poverty. Hint. You can’t.

Another 19 million pounds of British tax-payers’ cash flushed down the toilet.