Whacko of the Week

Surprise, surprise, it’s the meddling Eurocrats of the EUSSR, again:

EU to ban selling eggs by dozen.

Who, pray, asked them how we should purchase our eggs, bread, apples… The problem is, no bureacrat ever wrote a report saying, ‘Well, I think we’ve done all we can, so we might as well close…’

4 thoughts on “Whacko of the Week”

  1. Let us see if Wavy Davy really means what he says and calls a vote on this in Parliament.

  2. And there’s more – all home-grown this time:

    The NHS in Wales is to ban the sale of tea or coffee with a spoonful of sugar from hospital vending machines because of “the risk to health”.

    Can’t give you the link, ‘cos it’s in the Times online. (I have a free subscription while it lasts.)

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