Drippy weather

Fog, frost and no sunshine this morning. The de-frost came quickly, covering the cherry tree in sparkles of light. Even on a dull day, if you look hard you’ll find something beautiful.

Just a thought, but I wondered if we could have a few more categories? Nature and photography spring to mind, but maybe others have a few more ideas?

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

22 thoughts on “Drippy weather”

  1. Current categories:

    * Chips on Shoulders
    * Competition
    * Creativity
    o Bad Poetry
    o Poetry
    o Stories
    + Short Stories
    * Cycling
    * Flounce
    * Funeral
    * General
    * Global Warming Malarkey
    * History
    * Humour
    * Politics
    * Religion
    * Sport
    o Cricket
    * Techo stuff
    * Terminally boring
    * The Dark Side
    * Uncategorisable

  2. Thank you.
    A Nikon coolpix S8000

    Probably my favourite Christmas present. Ever.

    It has a good macro setting and is neatly pocket or handbag sized, which were two of the requirements

  3. Pseu – if you want additional categories, you only have to ask and it will be done. Nobody has appeared interested in categories until now. 😦
    I’ve added ‘Photography’, ‘Nature’ and ‘Gardening’, but happy to add any more that you specify.

    Great photo!

  4. Swimming? (we have sport and then a sub category of cricket and above it on its own we have cycling… maybe that could be a sub category of sport too?)

    That’ll do me for now 🙂

  5. What I should have said is that you have a good eye. I can’t multitask, one eye on Master Chef at the mo’. 😦

  6. Bearsy, I have written extensively about tractors in the past. Without patting myself on the back or blowing my tractor too loudly I could well be the world’s foremost living authority on tractors.
    I will scan my archives and publish segments on this most industrious and interesting vehicle. Expect incoming TR tractor blogs soon.

    Big giant 🙂

  7. Hi Bearsy.

    Thanks for this. Totally invaluable for when I visit Oz if I am going to be able to commune with the natives.

    I had always believed that ‘tinnies’ were cans of beer but I now see, thanks to your ‘Transport’ tags and google, that a tinnie can also be ‘a small fishing or pleasure boat with an aluminium hull’.

    What a beaut language you Strine-speakers have, in my opinion!

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