A Night of Music with Jason Reeves!

Most of you may not know Jason Reeves yet and his music but you’ve probably heard and sang along with some of the songs he has written for other artists. He co-wrote majority of the tracks  in Colbie Caillat’s double-platinum debut album Coco and worked with her again on her second album Breakthrough.  He has also written and performed the song Terrified with American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi. The song was later recorded by Katherine McPhee and Jason Reeves for her album Unbroken.

Reeves is one of those laid back and down-to-earth guys that everybody loves. He’s easy to approach and never acts like a celebrity which is a rarity these days. I’ve had the chance to watch his show three times and he would always take the time to meet up with all his fans and patiently sign autographs and take photos with everyone. Aside from that he shows appreciation to his fans by replying to comments posted in his Facebook account. Whether it’s as simple as answering some question or saying thank you for a photograph that a fan posted in his wall, he just never fails to show that he is appreciative of everyone that supports him and looks up to him. Continue reading “A Night of Music with Jason Reeves!”

Mozart’s Requiem

When you haven’t been to a live public performance of classical music in a while, it’s tempting to do nothing but sit listening to your CDs in the deep solitary comfort of the sofa at home.

You might imagine that it’s enough; that it’s not necessary to make the effort to buy tickets, to travel to sit in an auditorium for a couple of hours and then spend another hour driving home.

It’s only when you do make the effort that you appreciate what you’re missing. Continue reading “Mozart’s Requiem”

ESC 2010

120 million viewers all over Europe (mostly) watched the finals of the 55th annual Eurovision Song Contest, live from Oslo, Norway, last night. As usual, there was satisfaction and grumpiness, depending on which camp one was cheering for, but overall it was a big, colourful, fun party. According to veteran UK commentator Sir Terry Wogan, ‘Eurosong’ is not a contest at all. It’s a music fair; a gathering for European countries to showcase and celebrate their music to the rest of the continent. There is an element of competition thrown in, to keep things interesting, but deep down it’s a party, meant to be fun and not taken seriously.

For the record, here are the results, including snippets from the top performances of the evening, for the Sunday recreation of the rest of the world.

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Classical gas

Going to Cheltenham Jazz Festival had some unexpected benefits – one of them being a cheap CD of Frankie Laine’s Greatest Hits.

The sound of ‘The Kid’s Last Fight’ took me right back to Sunday mornings in the kitchen, mum peeling potatoes at the sink overlooking the garden while joining in with the chorus while through the open back door, Dad could be heard whistling along from the workshop end of the garage.

A chunk of happy carefree childhood, right there, back in the room with me. Continue reading “Classical gas”

Freedom day

Voting in South African elections

Today is a public holiday in South Africa, it has been since 1995 and commemorates the first democratic elections to be held here.

Unlike other countries our public holidays are on the actual date i.e 27th April, 16th June irrespective of which day of the week upon which it falls.

With this weeks holiday falling on a Tuesday a lot of South Africans took Monday off as well and enjoyed a long weekend.

But I digress, I want to introduce you to Dan Heymann, he wrote the words and music of “Weeping” during the mid-1980’s when he ‘was an unwilling soldier Continue reading “Freedom day”