Pedal(o) power

You’ll no doubt feel completely indifferent to the news that my pedalo blister has almost gone.

Its arrival was unexpected and quite painful.   I was just getting over another injury (thrown by wave against coral-covered rock of St Nicholas Island causing v painful weals on thigh) when it I got the foot pain. I binned a pair of sandals thinking they were responsible, then discovered the cause was actually a squash ball-sized blister on the ball of one foot.

When you think about it, I suppose it was inevitable, really;   two cyclists on holiday without bikes. Continue reading “Pedal(o) power”

Brits in Turkey

Right now, I’m looking at a report that my collegue has given. Apperantly there are 35,000 British subjects,  who own property in Turkey.

I knew some 800 Brits emigrating from UK daily, but I didn’t know Turkey was favoured by them. I’m pleased.

For those of you who have the thought of leaving;

Turkey welcomes you! 🙂