ESC 2010

120 million viewers all over Europe (mostly) watched the finals of the 55th annual Eurovision Song Contest, live from Oslo, Norway, last night. As usual, there was satisfaction and grumpiness, depending on which camp one was cheering for, but overall it was a big, colourful, fun party. According to veteran UK commentator Sir Terry Wogan, ‘Eurosong’ is not a contest at all. It’s a music fair; a gathering for European countries to showcase and celebrate their music to the rest of the continent. There is an element of competition thrown in, to keep things interesting, but deep down it’s a party, meant to be fun and not taken seriously.

For the record, here are the results, including snippets from the top performances of the evening, for the Sunday recreation of the rest of the world.

1. Germany – 246 points

2. Turkey – 170 points

3. Romania – 162 points

4. Denmark – 149 points
5. Azerbaijan – 145 points
6. Belgium – 143 points
7. Armenia – 141 points
8. Greece – 140 points
9. Georgia – 136 points
10. Ukraine – 108 points
11. Russia – 90 points
12. France – 82 points
13. Serbia – 72 points
14. Israel – 71 points
15. Spain – 68 points
16. Albania – 62 points
17. Bosnia & Herzegovina – 51 points
18. Portugal – 43 points
19. Iceland – 41 points
20. Norway – 35 points
21. Cyprus – 27 points
23. Ireland – 25 points
24. Belarus – 18 points
25. United Kingdom – 10 points

13 thoughts on “ESC 2010”

  1. Can’t think of a better reason to leave the UK!
    Bore of the century!

  2. There is something highly unreal about this… Germany does not usually win things. If it is a two-way race Germany gets 2nd, if there are three medals to be won Germany comes in fourth — that’s the natural order! Germany hasn’t won since before I was born and that was only because every other song was complete and utter rubbish… This year… Okey, just about every other song was complete and utter rubbish… Never mind.

  3. The mentality before the UK selection was ‘Okay, since going highbrow with Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t win, we’ll swing the other way and go completely lowbrow this time’. The song was no worse than Stock & Waterman had done for Sonia, who came second. Unfortunately, the lad had a good voice, but zero charisma or stage presence. Put an 18-year-old in a suit and have three backing singers waving their shawls in the air? That’s so 1983 it’s not even funny.

  4. time this was abandoned along with miss world and all the other crap.
    never saw it, never wanted to see it, never will see it.

  5. I have only ever seen one Eurovision song contest, with Sandi Shaw singing bare foot, with a puppet on a string. That one and only viewing put me off for life, never seen one since; I agree with Rick, it should be banned.

  6. This is the biggest non-event of the year. Well done, the Beeb for not investing more in it.

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