A tad nippy

After class (adult-learning evening class) we sometimes used to go to a pub in Summertown called ‘The Dew Drop Inn’ – (what an awful pun) for a glass of a favourite tipple and a debrief: but the name came to mind this afternoon on the way back from work when I stopped for a photo of the trees hung with Christmas decoration style icicles…. I think they caught my eye because of the sun’s position in the sky.

Looking back along the road the golden light of the lowering sun caught the trees and hedges

I went closer to the icicle for a picture of the sun coming through it and noticed a little dew drop at the tip

which I tried to capture… at one point getting too close, so that the drop fell off and into my lens!

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

18 thoughts on “A tad nippy”

  1. Great shot, Nym.

    Just looked at the forecast, and the snow is scheduled to start early evening. It’s a beautiful morning here, but a tad chilly at -7C!

  2. Arrers, we’ve only had a week of scraping days so far, unlike last year when we scraped for three months – solid, you might say. At least the sun is shining bluely and helping to soften the biting Siberian blast.

  3. Yes, it was and has now stopped. More forecast overnight.

    I defrosted my car and then the blooming thing refused to start! Plan B involved friend with jump leads and off we went. I’ve parked it close to the end of the drive, so less snow to shovel to escape. It’s also more convenient to jump start it again and buy a new battery, should this be necessary, but it’s really not that old.

    I haven’t kept my heating on all night yet, but I may revise my thinking if the temperature drops much lower.

  4. Great pictures. Started snowing round here, sarf of London, a little while ago, but only a few millimetres so far.

  5. Nym, I recall that the ‘Eagle and Child’ pub in St Giles’, Oxford (room for an apostrophic moment there) used to be known by students as the ‘Bustard and Bastard’.

    I like ‘Pig and Whistle’: a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon saying ‘piggin wassail’ meaning “good health” and ‘Quiet Woman’, York, a marvellous way of informing the missus of one’s whereabouts!

  6. Yes, I knew of the ‘Bustard and Bastard’ or also known as ‘The Bird and Baby’ – but not the derivation of the Pig and Whistle.

  7. This is the “evidence for global warming” that greeted me when I opened the front door today

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