Looking up and down

An afternoon in Oxford on my own to attend a talk by the artist in residence at Modern Art Oxford, Tamarin Norland (who is exploring the interface of art and the written word…. ) turned into a meeting-up with several friends from a poetry group I attend. We stayed on for a chat and cup of tea afterwards.

By the time I came out the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping. Mainly my eyes were drawn upwards to the tops of buildings caught in the soft light

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A tad nippy

After class (adult-learning evening class) we sometimes used to go to a pub in Summertown called ‘The Dew Drop Inn’ – (what an awful pun) for a glass of a favourite tipple and a debrief: but the name came to mind this afternoon on the way back from work when I stopped for a photo of the trees hung with Christmas decoration style icicles…. I think they caught my eye because of the sun’s position in the sky.

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Fifteenth Photo Competition

Be it majestic, beautiful, stark, straight, bent, riven, ailing, weeping, or occasionally troublesome, there is one near you (hopefully). At this time of year, it may be undergoing a dramatic change in appearance. It doesn’t matter what it’s doing, I’d like a photo of it please, on this thread.

The subject is Trees.

For those of you with Entish inclinations, please take a leaf from Janus.

Entries by midnight 15 September.