That’s not music, this is music

Slayer is a way of life.

Of the big four, they play the purest form of Thrash Metal. Mozart was, allegedly, accused of making too many notes. I would Eden Hazard a guess that a four minute Slayer song will have more notes in it than any of Agadoos’ symphonies. The speed and intricacy of the guitar solos are mesmerising. Memorising them is a walk on part for these guitar geniuses.

Then there’s the drums. You don’t get many double bass drums in classical music. That would be a drum too far for those “virtuosos”. They couldn’t keep up to our beat.

The bassist/singer of Slayer, Tomas Enrique Araya Diaz, might look like a Billy Connolly lookalike but this Big Tam was born in Chile. There’s a lot of nice wines come from Chile. No really, there is. I don’t know if it’s Global Warming, Climate Change or Alec Salmond, there’s something in the chilled Chile that slays the opposition.

Parental guidance. The following video contains swearing.

Live Fast. On High. Repentless. Let it Ride.

Play it Loud.

19 thoughts on “That’s not music, this is music”

  1. Strewth – that ain’t music, mate. A cacophony of shouting, out-of-time kettle bashing and repetitive chords perhaps, but not music. Talentless bikies with a brain-dead audience.

    Yuk !! 😦

  2. Baths, haircuts and a year in the Army all round, as my dear old Gran used to say.


  3. To paraphrase what I said on J’s post re. Sibelius, not good, I prefer Clapton or Peter Green or even folk music (well almost)!!!

  4. I took one look at the picture on the video and decided it was not for me… I rather think Bearsy was a lot more polite than I might have been. 🙂

  5. Today as of 9 this evening. Not a good time of year, one wonders how much of the greenhouse will survive!
    Plus we have the builders in, who managed to arrive most inopportunely to do various bits and pieces, but they have built a very nice fence for us to keep the dogs in. For the past six months they have been guarding the road, crapping on front gardens and molesting pedestrians for strokes and pettings! (That is the dogs, not the builders!) We have been waiting for a fence since last autumn, now they turn up!!!

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