Arriving at my last morning visit I shut my car boot as usual to be greeted with a rather horrid grating noise. I opened it again and discovered that the boot support strut had come away from its fixing and had now jammed across the closure so that it was impossible to shut the boot properly. Continue reading “Crunch”

Same again, Lorraine

No matter how many times my big astronomy pal, Brain May, tells me that there is no chance of Pluto and Uranus colliding, I still feel alarmed. Bandwidth is another of my worries. It was only recently that Bearsy issued a warning concerning over-sized photographs and the Galactusian space they were filling. Since then I’ve not posted a photo as I’m unsure of my sizing/formatting/cutting skills. In my opinion I think Bearsy was over-reacting because if this place does get bloated, unleash the beast that will be Boadicea’s Chariot Two Redux. Continue reading “Same again, Lorraine”

A la Recherche…………….

See Proust and thon madeleines bringing memories flooding back.  I know what he meant.

What brings back my childhood, more clearly than any other memory, and particularly at this time of year is the smell of a turnip lantern as it gently toasts in the heat of the candle giving it life. You deprived souls south of Hadrian’s Wall call them swedes, apparently, but the neep is a fine beast whether it is lying mashed on a plate beside a haggis that has been caught in its prime or being carried around the neighbourhood to keep the ghosts and ghoulies at bay on Hallowe’en. Continue reading “A la Recherche…………….”

Swift Premonition

On Tuesday morning I ran a little late for work. Not entirely unusual for me as I’m usually just trying to fit a few hundred jobs in between the boys leaving the house to catch the bus and getting myself ready to get in the car for work. I have just under an hour. Continue reading “Swift Premonition”

Dodgy dog training

The dog training isn’t going very well.

The Terrible Two come running when I arrive home – but only when I call their names. They don’t seen to understand, or show any willingness to understand “off” and “down” and they will not be bribed with commercial treats.

They are siblings – a male and a female from the same litter. Continue reading “Dodgy dog training”