9 thoughts on “Frustrated with digital cameras?”

  1. Frankly, I wish it were a spoof, Nym. I’m amazed really. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in returning to the good old days of film. Hundreds of really dreadful pictures which cost a fair bit to process.

    I love digital cameras!

  2. The dinosaurs fight back! They forget to mention how many pictures out of focus, images of thumbs and awful smiles get printed and dumped in the rubbish bin…

    I bought a digital camera the moment they came on the market … love it!

    I’m glad you mentioned Val, Pseu. I have a horrible feeling that the ‘cure’ for her shoulder was not successful. I hope she looks at this and let’s us know how she is. I miss her photographs.

  3. The problem with cheap advertisements is that they are so tacky that even a spoof would be an improvement. I actually enjoy 35mm cameras — if I can process the pictures myself, especially in black and white. Other than that, however, I have moved on to digital.

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