Prof Mpiso and Maama Aan Muyinza

Want to (1) bring back a lost lover?

Perhaps (7)win a court case or (15)have stolen property brought back?

The less said about numbers 12 and 13 the better.

I wonder how they manage 24?

I received this whilst stationary at a traffic light today, perhaps they thought that I needed help with #6 ( I was driving one of the company vans.)

We are of course not allowed to call them witch-doctors but refer to them as ‘Traditional healers’ or Sangomas.

8 thoughts on “Prof Mpiso and Maama Aan Muyinza”

  1. I’m not a great fan of alternative medicine, Soutie, so I think I might give this couple a miss 🙂

  2. I read the article – interesting!

    I don’t have much faith in ‘real’ doctors – so I’ll also give this pair a miss, too!

  3. Evening Ara,

    I didn’t rush and make an appointment, but they do good business, there is a lot of superstition among some.

    A pal of mine played football for Wits University (one of our premier league clubs) they don’t start a game without some ceremony from their preferred Sangoma.

    Mind you so do all the other teams, so a bit of a stalemate on the ‘blessing front’ I imagine.

  4. I have a feeling that rain dances would be covered by their corporate department (agriculture), must find out if they have a website.

  5. Anything to do with the Mayibuye Fishing Co., or is this just a clever front to hide their obvious talent?

    I have a colleague at work who is a ‘pain in the a*** Do you think this is the perfect cure?

  6. Soutie, I don’t have a clue! I worked in the Northern Territory for some years and knew a lot of people who worked in the remote communities and I never heard anything about ‘traditional healers’. I’m sure there are Aboriginals who use ‘traditional’ methods of healing, but, having read the article you posted a link to, they certainly would be nothing like the ‘Sangomas’.

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